A new term for Paul Thurrot’s Apple FUD.

When one reads many of Mr. Thurrot’s comments regarding Apple, it’s easy to see the uncertainty and doubt he’s trying to sow. As a noted Microsoft apologist, perhaps that’s his job. However, there is little fear since his conclusions and/or facts are frequently wrong. Therefore, I’m going to use the term “THUD” to label THurrot’s Uncertainty and Doubt.

A recent example of THUD was a few days ago when he posted on Internet Nexus that Microsoft’s 40M sales of Vista in 100 days was having an effect on the Mac:

“Yeah, I get it. The Mac is fine. But don’t pretend that Vista hasn’t had an effect on the world and, yes, on the Mac.”

Um, no. Even in the face of the Vista launch Apple had its best second quarter ever! And they did so without any major iPod or Mac updates during that time. Anyone who doesn’t think this bodes badly for any shot Vista had of upsetting the apple cart (bad pun intended) is fooling themselves.

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