A garbage comment from Paul Thurrot.

Paul Thurrott takes a shot at Apple in this post from Internet Nexus. Having received a new Dell, he states the following:

“Credit Dell for making PCs in the US. By comparison, press darling Apple makes a big point of how it “designs” its hardware in California, but everything they make (Macs, iPods, etc.) ships from the dark wilds of China. Where, I’m sure, the human rights abuses are kept to an absolute minimum.”

Aside from the comment itself not being something one would expect from a somewhat respected member of the tech community (did he really say “dark wilds”?), there is the small matter of that it doesn’t really say anything.

What’s the implication here? If Thurrott is trying to imply a “made in China” quality to the Mac, he loses. Big time. There is no one (no one!) who honestly believes Apple’s computer quality isn’t way ahead of Dell. At the low and high end.

Sure, Paul, Dell makes products here in the US, it’s their support they shipped overseas. So the people you actually have to, you know, talk to, are half a planet away and often hard to communicate with. Perhaps that’s one reason why Apple’s support is rated very high while Dell’s is, well, not high.

Not only did the remark fall short, it seems to expose Paul as maybe a bit Apple-obsessed. And perhaps a jerk.

I can see why he’s a bit testy, though. He bought the Dell to run Microsoft Windows Home Server when he could have just got Apple’s Airport Extreme as his firewall, router, disk and print server instead. The very idea that you need (or want) another computer in your home for disk and print sharing is silly and outdated. Of course, the belief that every problem has a solution in another computer running yet another variation of Windows is all Microsoft (and apparently Mr. Thurrott) knows.

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  1. Apple computers are made in Ireland (perhaps just assembled), I’ve driven past the factory while on a business trip. My lovely Black MacBook and the T-Book that came before it came from the emerald isle. Paul Thrrot should know better. He hasn’t really a point at all in the article


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