Microsoft Windows Longhorn and the definition of desperate.

You know the old joke about looking up a certain word in the dictionary and finding someone’s picture? Well, look up the word ‘desperate’ in the dictionary and you’ll find a team photo of the “Longhorn Reloaded” project of Apparently, this project has plans to resurrect the Microsoft Windows Operating System formerly known as “Longhorn”.

So what is this project trying to accomplish? Well:

“To put the project’s aims simply, we aim to finish off what Microsoft started before the operating system [known as Code Name ‘Longhorn’] was canceled.”

Naturally, after the project was announced 98.237% of all people said it couldn’t be done (the other 1.763% could not be reached for comment). It wasn’t just the technical roadblocks — roadblocks troubling enough to cause Microsoft to cancel Longhorn — but also the small matter of potential legal issues. Still, the team has announced the delivery of Milestone 1. Whatever.

I don’t know what’s more comical, the project itself, or Microsoft’s denial that Longhorn was ever canceled in the first place. Please. Now that’s some serious spin by Microsoft’s marketing group. Hmmm, maybe the word ‘desperate’ should have two pictures by it…