Ah, yes, the last-minute rumors and "scoops" for Apple’s WWDC.

This one takes the form of a German site supposedly getting the outline of Steve Jobs’ keynote. There is already much speculation over whether it’s legitimate or not.

It’s not.

First, a lot of this list has been talked about for months, so some of it will likely be correct. But anybody could put an outline together that’s partially correct. Big deal.

Second, it has every wish list item on it. New iMacs? Check. New ultra-portable? Check. Integrated iLife/iWork into Leopard and Google? Check. Revamped .Mac service? Check. Unified interface in OS X? Check. And on and on, right down the line. There is no way all of this is ready to be discussed tomorrow, even if it’s all being worked on (which itself is debatable).

Third, all of this is going to be presented (and demoed) in a 90-minute keynote? Please. The complete impossibility of that alone should lead any rational person to conclude the item is fake.

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