Apple WWDC rumors end; reality begins.

As specified in a previous post, the supposedly exposed keynote presentation from yesterday was a fake. No surprise, there. So, what did we get?

Well, not new hardware, even though the online store went down for the demo, heightening anticipation. It appears the only reason the store was down for Apple to update their web site in general. But we did get the following:

  • A new user interface. Personally, I believe the new desktop and revamped Dock, the new Finder, and the new Quick Look function all combine to alter the UI quite a bit. The interface is also unified in that the “dark gray” theme is now in complete use; there is no more “brushed metal”.
  • Leopard, of course. Aside from the new UI components mentioned above, the keynote re-iterated many of the features Apple’s been touting for nearly a year, though new demos were presented that highlighted their features or benefits a bit better. See all Leopard features here.
  • iPhone SDK? No, but Jobs announced that any conforming Web 2.0 + AJAX application would run fine on the iPhone due to its built-in Safari support. No need for an SDK, and it allows for full security just as, for example, online banking.
  • There was “one more thing”, and it’s Safari on Windows! Pretty smart to get their web application on the Windows platform, especially in light of all the iPhone apps they hope to be written with Safari in mind (see above).

In short, lots of good stuff, a couple of surprises, and I’m sure many disappointments (as always) for the Apple faithful.