ZDNet to readers: Leopard’s not like Vista; you just can’t read.


In a previous post I wrote about a horrendous article on ZDNet saying they believed Apple’s Leopard operating system looks like Vista. The article was filled with such misinformation and outright ridiculous statements that most who commented or blogged on the topic called the author on it, as you might expect.

So much so, in fact, that there’s a new article from Mary Jo Foley attempting to correct her position. The second sentence of the article is what struck me:

“Seeing that so many readers misunderstood my blog post from earlier this week about my take on Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote, I’d like to try to clarify what I was trying to say.”

I’m not going to beat Mary to death on this — it’s clear from her article many people already have — but I can’t let this line go unchallenged. Mary, people did not “misunderstand” your article. It speaks for itself, and is quite specific. It’s a bad article, and you would have done better to just say so and then move on. Taking the position that large numbers of the tech blogging world, and those commenting on ZDNet, somehow misunderstood your article is ludicrous.

With the attempt to worm out of a horrible article by blaming their readership, I’m done with ZDNet on this particular topic, but I’ll end it on a positive note by giving Mary props for this:

“At the risk of having my inbox flooded again with more love mail and thoughtful career suggestions from all you enthusiastic Mac users out there”

Well, at least she can joke about it. Honestly, that’s a good thing. One bad article (two, counting the new one) doesn’t define the total of a person’s work. Live to write another day, Mary?