The iPhone for business: Jon Gruber nails it.

I was going to write a piece on a Wall Street Journal article that decries the use of the iPhone for business, and the IT departments’ general resistance to the device even in the face of clear employee desires for it. So much so that they may even get one anyway.

I don’t mean everyone at your company should get an iPhone, but I do believe that if a smartphone of some kind is justified for the work you do, then why not get the one people are drooling over? There are numerous ways to route email to the device.

At any rate, I don’t need to write a piece, because Jon Gruber of Daring Fireball nails this one good.

1 thought on “The iPhone for business: Jon Gruber nails it.

  1. This is the most poignant of his statements:

    “The pressure isn’t going to be on Apple to license proprietary technology from RIM or Microsoft. The pressure is going to be on IT departments to support open standards like IMAP, which the iPhone supports.”

    He also says – what’s the purpose of IT any way – to serve or to rule over

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