Tendonitis sucks.

It also puts a major crimp on blogging. The last four days have been especially painful, so I finally broke down and went to the doctor. When I told him I spend all day at a keyboard, and then come home to do the same, he winced.

Once inflamed, this little sucker has a propensity to not get better unless you just leave it alone, which is not an easy thing to do. Otherwise it just gets worse, and the next thing you know you’re in physical therapy. You ever been to PT? It blows. If you ask me, those guys love their jobs just a little too much.

I can’t stop typing at my job, but I can stop blogging so my posts here will be either very short or non-existent for maybe a week.

I’m sure that both people subscribed to my blog will be crushed, but I’ve been fighting this for nearly two weeks and it’s clear I’m losing the battle.

2 thoughts on “Tendonitis sucks.

  1. Look after yourself first, I’m sure we’ll just keep checking in. Now if only the Mac had some decent voice recognition software…

  2. Sorry to hear about your painful predicament. Why not audio record your posts and have someone type it in for you? Heck, i’ll volunteer. 🙂

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