Your tax dollars at work…

So now politicians are jumping on the iPhone bandwagon.

No, not the one to talk about the device itself, I mean the other one. You know, the one where you blast it for some ridiculous reason in order to get your name in the papers and have a few minutes of fame. That one.

There was a hearing on “wireless innovation and consumer protection.” Nobody would have known that, of course, so the Democrats decided to play the iPhone card in order to get some publicity:

“”The problem with the iPhone is that the iPhone with AT&T is kind of like a ‘Hotel California’ service,” Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey said–in a nod to the Eagles hit, of course–during a hearing. “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.””

Ridiculous Hotel California analogy aside, what is the matter with these people? Smartphones requiring 2-year contracts are commonplace, and nothing new. Further, specific phones for specific carriers is also nothing new, or did they not know that the LG Chocolate was exclusive at launch, as was the RAZR, etc.?

This is simply another example of using the iPhone to grab headlines. Every publication on the planet has already done this, so why not politicians now?

The beauty of this is that later the same story was “updated:”

“Update: Just to be clear, despite their gripes about the AT&T exclusivity and the $175 fee that accompanies ending the mandatory two-year contract early, Markey and some of his Democratic colleagues appeared perfectly smitten with the iPhone itself.”

Translation: “We were only grabbing headlines, and didn’t mean to say such stupid things. To be honest, we thought we could just get the publicity without people actually reading what we said and criticizing our stupidity.”

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