Put my money where my mouth is.


[NOTE: I originally posted this on 6/29 after I ordered from the Apple Store. But I removed the post a day later when I canceled the order to buy one locally and not wait 2-4 weeks. Turns out supply shriveled up and I had to wait a week anyway.]

Just sunk my money into a phone. Not just any phone, of course. An iPhone. I’ve been planning on getting a new Mac as soon as they get upgraded. Well, I just did. Sure, it’s a phone, but it’s a Mac, too. A hand-held, touchscreen Mac.

Bought it at a local mall last Saturday. Checked the Apple retail store availability and got there at 9am. There were probably 40-50 people there. They had 75 iPhones (all 8GB) and I got mine.

But what about all its “drawbacks,” you ask? Click the iPhone category on my site and you’ll see what I think of those. But here’s a rundown of the usual suspects, and how I apply these directly to me and my decision to purchase:

Greasy, or fragile, or scratchy touchscreen. I use touchscreens every day at gas stations, ATMs, grocery stores, etc. These thing are not fragile. Greasy? What are you, a slob? Wipe your hands off every once in a while, will ya? Besides, fingerprints wipe off.

Can’t replace battery. You mean like my iPod? No, wait, like my four iPods? Hasn’t been an issue there. I can’t believe after five years of this crap for the iPod this argument is still around.

Virtual keyboard. I’m using a keypad (not keyboard) to type, so I think for me the QWERTY keyboard will be a Godsend. Besides, I’m very comfortable with predictive typing, and the iPhone’s looks brilliant.

EDGE instead of 3G. Well, this one I’ll give you a little bit on. But the iPhone has WiFi! And I’m one of those people who thinks he’ll use it in a coffee shop more than otherwise. Further, tens of thousands of Blackberrys are in use on EDGE, so it’s obviously fine for email, texting, etc., the bigger issue is with web browsing. Besides, EDGE has gotten a speed boost this month in anticipation of the iPhone, and by all accounts it’s working.

Expense. Personally, I always thought this was overrated, because with a smartphone you have to view the phone and the two-year contract. For example, Verizon advertises Motorola Qs for $149, but they don’t say they require a minimum $80 a month package. Do the math: (80 x 24) + 149 = 2,069. Once AT&T announced their iPhone plans and unlimited data downloads were available for $60 a month, that sealed it for me: (60 x 24) + 599 = 2,039. I used the most expensive iPhone model in this example, yet the price is virtually the same! Bottom line is the expense difference over two years is negligible.

AT&T Network. I don’t know. I have no love or hate for AT&T any more than I do for Verizon (my current carrier), T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. Well, that’s not quite true because I hate them all. Phone carriers suck, and I rate them only on the quality of their signal where I live. Verizon does fine in my area, will AT&T? I won’t know that until I get the phone and check it out. I don’t care how great the phone is, if I’m dropping calls then forget it. I can return it in 14 days and will do so if the network isn’t up to snuff. However, I was smart enough to check AT&T’s coverage in my area first, and it’s listed as highest in my area.

So there’s some of my reasoning. No more talk, I put my money where my mouth is (or at least where my mouth will be when I’m on the phone). I carry a phone and iPod everywhere now, and have replaced that with one device.

I’ve been using it for five days and am thrilled with the device. I’ll post more on it after I get another week or so under my belt.