Yours Truly interviewed on FixYourThinking.

So I’m just laying around the house yesterday, and Philip Smith of FixYourThinking was nice enough to interview me via email.

I know what you’re thinking: Why would he do this? Surely there’s some interesting technical tidbit or goings on to be documented instead. It’s not like any of you woke up today and said “I hope I can read an interview from some obscure new blogger” (well, OK, some of you did wake up and say that, but we can reasonably assume you’re the exceptions to the rule).

I myself have come up with the following possibilities:

  • Slow news day? No, there’s plenty going on.
  • Bored? I doubt it. Maintaining such a nice blog should be keeping him busy.
  • I slipped him some cash? While I agree this is the most plausible explanation, I don’t have that kind of legal tender. Put another way, if I had your money I’d burn mine.
  • He actually wanted to highlight a new blogger? Hmmm… nah, too obvious.
  • He has a certain affinity for felines? Sure, but don’t we all?

Regardless of the motivation, check out the interview if you’re interested in knowing a little more about what makes me tick. And check out all of FixYourThinking if you’re interested in good Apple tech perspective.

1 thought on “Yours Truly interviewed on FixYourThinking.

  1. I’m actually a dog person.

    The real reason … you have a great blog here and it needs more attention. I think the people who like Daring Fireball and Roughly Drafted (which i assume is the same crowd) will like you.

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