Another ringing Vista endorsement? No. Acer head blasts Microsoft’s latest.

In a previous post I wrote about a “kind of” endorsement of Vista that really wasn’t. That was from a user.

Today we have another view of Vista from the head of hardware maker Acer:

“”The entire industry is disappointed by Windows Vista,” the head of the world’s fourth-biggest PC maker told the Financial Times Deutschland in its online edition on Monday.”

That there are still some claiming Vista a success (based on Microsoft getting licenses on new PC sales that they would have had with XP anyway) is amazing. Talk about a Reality Distortion Field! The one that surrounds and protects Vista in the eyes of these believers is incredible.

The fact of the matter is Vista is not a success. It’s even reduced Microsoft to begging.

Sure, it’s selling on new PCs. But it did not provide the following, which any intelligent person knows was part of the Vista plan:

  • Increase PC sales. (see Acer comments.)
  • Sell many upgrade boxes at considerable profit. (This isn’t happening.)
  • “Wow” users, and get some good Microsoft buzz going. (Nope. Almost all the press has been bad, and the consensus is that Vista is a lukewarm XP.)
  • Get people excited about Microsoft, and talking about them as an “innovator.” (Microsoft needed this shot in the arm badly. They didn’t get it.)

So, while MS is getting a few more bucks per new PC than with XP, the number isn’t considerable (no PC sales bump). In fact, Vista was disappointing enough to prompt Dell to offer Linux and many manufacturers to continue offering XP. Who knows how long at this rate it will take to make up for Vista’s 5 year and $6 billion investment? As for innovating, the backlash against Vista has had the opposite effect, if anything.

Truth is, the only bright spot for Microsoft lately has been Office 2007. Unlike past Office releases, however, it isn’t helping the sales of a companion OS release.