Rumored interface for 6G iPod.

Many sites have published links to a video with the alleged new interface for the 6G video iPod (here is MacDailyNews’). The video doesn’t necessarily remind one of the iPhone, though clearly elements have been borrowed.

I’ve gone on record stating the 6G iPod would have the iPod interface from the iPhone, or something very close (for example, the iPod might add a virtual scroll wheel for games).

What does Apple gain by making the interfaces different? Don’t they just open the door to iPhone or iPod owners thinking they got the “lesser” interface? In that case I believe the iPod must have the “better” one (after all, it’s the dedicated media device), but then what would that say about the iPhone? According to Jobs it’s “The greatest iPod we’ve ever made,” but it lasted only a few months?

I like the iPhone music interface, and while I feel that with 80GB instead of eight some sort of search is mandatory, I otherwise prefer it to the existing 5.5G iPod.

I believe the new iPod is coming relatively soon, despite some reports of a January release. They need the 6G in plenty of time for Christmas, so I don’t see how it could be later than October. Rumors that it will be sooner seem believable to me. This rumored interface, however, I’m questioning.

Of course, guessing what Apple will do, and why, is a crap shoot. The video may well be legit and, since it’s short, there’s more to it than that. Further, I can see that the cascading menus might be considered necessary for the same reason I believe search is (i.e., 10 times the amount of data storage). With that much data to go through simply scrolling is not enough. In other words, the iPod would be a superset of the iPhone interface, with the extras owing to the far greater amounts of data it will hold.

The good news for iPhone users is that perhaps that device would just be a software update away from having those same interface improvements. I mean, if their respective initial interfaces have significant differences, Apple’s longer-term plans may be to unify them. This assumes the iPod will become an OS X device (why port the same interface two places?), but I already believe that will happen.

Unlike the iPhone, I won’t get a 6G iPod when it comes out (I’m very happy with my 5.5G 80GB), but it will be interesting to see what interface it includes, and if Apple works to make both devices work the same in handling media.

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  1. I work for a major electronics firm and have inside info that new ipods are in the pipeline for September.
    I can’t wait! Wish I knew more.

  2. neurotic,

    You bring up an interesting point, but I believe people think of the iPhone as the “flagship” iPod as far as the interface goes. I think that’s what Apple wants, and what Jobs meant when he said it’s the best iPod they’ve ever made.

    I believe a new 6G iPod in the “old” form factor would be seen as just a “warmed over” 5.5G, and not sit well.

    You may be right that the new 6G will be an addition to the line (maybe the 5.5G hangs around for a while), but even so the new iPod will be the “flagship”. I think the half-screen, half-scrollwheel form factor will be dead on the high-end with the 6G.

  3. isnpI disagree. Since Generation 1, the flagship product in the iPod line has always looked the same: Roughly the size of a deck of cards, top-third of the front has a square-ish screen, bottom two-thirds has a circular control. There is jack to plug to your computer and a jack for your headphones. It’s function is to be a music player.

    What you describe makes sense as an ADDITION to the iPod line (an “iPod Video” to go with the nano and shuffle) but not as the interface for the next revision.

  4. I am not gadget freak and don’t own an iphone. (I do have a shuffle) IMHO, the next ipod should be an iPhone without the phone. The friends and co-workers I know that have an iPhone love it, except for the slow edge connection to the web. So why not an iPod with wi-fi and iPhone web apps and no phone? I am hoping, as that is a gadget I would purchase.

  5. I have read a lot from different sources as to what the new 6G will feature for it’s interface. Some one claims this and another claims that.

    In the end, Apple being Apple, the only thing that I am sure about is that the next generation of the iPod is going to be HOT!

    Apple doesn’t really know how to do other wise.

    Don Williams

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