A look at Apple’s Mac market share US and worldwide.

Using the numbers from Apple’s recent 3Q results and the latest IDC and Gartner numbers from last week, let’s see where Apple sits in the market share game.

Since IDC and Gartner are not in complete agreement on the numbers (though they’re close), I’ll split the difference and just call it IDC/G.

First, the US…

According to IDC/G, US PC shipments in the last quarter were 16.35M; an increase over last year of 6.5%. Apple Mac shipments in the US were 824K; an increase of 28%. That gives Apple a US market share of 5.04%. Further, Apple’s US growth rate is over four times the US PC rate.

Now, the world…

IDC/G shipments are listed as 60M; an increase over last year of 12.1%. Mac shipments were 1.764M; an increase of 33%. That gives Apple a worldwide market share of 2.94%. And Apple’s worldwide growth rate is nearly three times the worldwide rate.

These are great numbers. More importantly, Apple’s growth rate of ~25% or more has held for many quarters and is likely to continue, but since there’s little reason to believe a similar boost in PC sales is on the horizon — after all, Vista did nothing to spike sales — the Mac should continue to gain market share both domestically and abroad.

Next quarter will likely be a good one for PCs in general because of the back to school season. However, if Apple releases a new iMac (as rumored) and its a good machine, they should get an extra bump to coincide with that seasonal swing.

[UPDATE:] I’m not sure how comfortable I am with the US numbers. Apple’s PDF lists “Americas” as 824K, but this is likely not just the US. Further, the PDF lists retail separately, most of which would be in the US. Finally, on the earnings call Apple states US year over year growth was 32%, higher than the 28% listed for “Americas.” In short, while the worldwide figures are solid and look great, the US numbers may not be quite correct. I’ll update this article as necessary.

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  1. Fixyourthinking,

    You’re absolutely correct, my figures are quarterly market share, and Apple’s total is likely quite a bit higher.

    The issue is that no one knows what that total is. Yes, Macs last longer than even “regular” PCs, let alone the $399 eWaste pieces of crap sold to those who buy on price only.

    Therefore, while it’s easy to deduce that Mac’s total market share is higher, it’s not easy to actually quantify. At least when it comes to quarterly share, we have some pretty hard numbers

  2. Make sure that when you discuss “market share” that you delineate that it’s quarterly sales. A lot of people are confused by what “Market share” and “quarterly sales percentages” are – I consider market share as how many Macs are installed and in use. I consider your figures as “quarterly sales percentages” (and this is how most people interpret it. It gives a false perception that Macs only account for a 5-6% installed base when if I were to take a best guess – it’s probably around 13-14% (having recently risen from from 11%). The majority of Macs sold in 2000 are STILL in use – heck the majority of iMacs are still in use. I still sell them. However – that cannot be said for the majority of PCs – especially if you break that down by manufacturer.

    I take a lot of “parts and enclosures” to a local “melt down” recycler. They NEVER EVER are melting down Macs, but are pouring PCs into the furnace literally by the dump truck load SEVERAL TIMES A DAY! They resell the Macs.

  3. Well, Paul apparently saw the same figure I did. I questioned it later when some pieces did not make sense.

    I agree that the numbers will be close, and any set you tumble will show the Mac over 5% share in the US anyway. Since market share was the thrust of my article it’s no big deal. The global figure is actually more impressive to me.

    Still, Apple says the US is up 32% YOY. So what’s the freaking number, Apple? 🙂

  4. Still, it seems most outlets are either sticking with IDC numbers […] or reporting the same 824K I did.

    Gartner’s and IDC’s figures for Apple are usually pretty close, I think their estimates are accurate enough. Gartner didn’t report anything about Apple this quarter, it’s not like the press had much choice.

    MacNN and Macworld (UK) say that Apple shipped 824,000 Macs in Americas, but they don’t explain what “Americas” means in Apple speak.

    And Paul Thurrott says that Apple sold 824,000 Macs in the U.S. Read some SEC filings sometimes, Paul! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the info. I was pretty sure that’s what “Americas” meant, hence my suspicions.

    However, where do IDC and Gartner get the numbers? If not from Apple, it’s a guess. Obviously Apple has the numbers somewhere, especially since they specifically stated YOY for the US at 32%.

    Still, it seems most outlets are either sticking with IDC numbers (which claim a 5.6% market share in the US) or reporting the same 824K I did. But none of the figures seem to match; I’d feel better if I had the hard numbers available.

  6. Apple’s PDF lists “Americas” as 824K, but this is likely not just the US. Further, the PDF lists retail separately, most of which would be in the US.

    The Americas operating segment is of little use, it’s a hodgepodge of stuff.

    10-Q filed on May 10, 2007
    “The Americas, Europe, and Japan reportable segments do not include activities related to the Retail segment. The Americas segment includes both North and South America.”

    Only IDC and Gartner will tell how many Macs were sold in the United States. Gartner didn’t include Apple shipments this quarter, this leaves us with only IDC: 960,000 units (+26.2% YOY).

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