Vista sales hit 60M. Finally.

See what channel-stuffing gets you?

MacNN reports that, according to Reuters, Microsoft announced at their annual meeting with financial analysts that Vista had sold 60 million copies. MacNN then goes on to state the following:

“The announcement appears to confirm a permanent slowdown in Vista sales, which ran to 20 million in the first month, but were halved for both March and April.”

No. While a slowdown is certainly possible (what with PC makers offering XP as a substitute for Vista, and Dell even offering Linux), what this really shows is that Microsoft’s initial sales figure of 20 million was a fabrication in the first place. They had to halve the next few months’ numbers in order to clear out the channel-stuffing they did to get that initial 20 million.

I don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t understand that this practice provides only a short-term “boost,” and always catches up to you eventually, making things look worse. Didn’t they learn that with the Xbox? I guess not.

5 thoughts on “Vista sales hit 60M. Finally.

  1. As usual from those who do not seem to like Apple, it’s just name calling. Heaven forbid you should actually refute what was written.

    You refer to Maddux (oh please), use terms like “iTurd’ and “Apple fanbois,” and expect to be taken seriously? Not here. Come back if you ever get an argument.

  2. You really are an iTurd aren’t you?
    What has OS X sold TOTALLY?
    Mac’s worldwide share is around 2.6%. Wake us up when you get to 3% 😀

    Hey everybody – I sold 1000 Macs last qtr…I tripled my growth rate! What a yawn.

    You should read Maddux’s blog to understand what the rest of the world thinks of Apple fanbois like you.

  3. There is no question that the 20 million figure included sales beginning October of last year (this included Vista coupons for upgrades). Still, the numbers were suspicious.

    IDC and Gartner agree around 60 milion PCs were shipped last quarter, so why is Vista only now hitting 60? The answer is that it’s not selling as well as expected.

    Microsoft channel stuffed to get their alleged 20 million.

  4. Microsoft, let’s not forget, simply ignores a little fact when they tell you about this years ‘so called’ Vista’s success….. their numbers are skewed!

    They are skewed by the fact that a lot of this years sales of Vista are not even from this year!

    You see, they include millions of Vista upgrade coupon’s that manufacturer’s gave out last year to help boost computer sales that were dampened by Microsoft’s long series of Vista delays!

    Microsoft loves to conveniently leave that little fact out of the picture, for some reason?

    As I said before, the main reason Vista is growing is because of Microsoft’s ‘FORCED CONVERSION’ policy.

    Whether they want to or not, existing Window users are being forced to switch from the old XP version to the newer Vista version, with the purchase of each and every new computer.

    From all the articles that I have read, its certainly not because people are screaming for Vista; it’s the opposite!

    Microsoft can think what they want, but the fact remains, that their customers are beginning to realize that there is a real alternative out there to Vista and a good one at that, Mac OS X.

    Just ask long time Mac Basher, John C. Dvork. He wrote that not only has he been using a Mac for the past little while, he has to admit…….. HE LIKES IT!,1895,2162397,00.asp

    I expect that a lot more will be joining him in that realization soon.

    Don Williams

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