A week away from work. We all need a break now and then.

Sitting in the blazing heat, a long dip in the pool, and then swimming to the bar for some sort of rum-based concoction (possibly in a glass resembling a coconut shell, I’m not too proud) is something I’ve looked forward to since, well, the last time I did it.

I’m not taking either laptop; my sole computer will be the iPhone. I’ll read personal emails and my primary RSS feeds, but that’s about it. All three of my readers will be devastated to learn that I’ll not be blogging during this time, though I may post a picture or two through Flickr’s direct-to-blog feature.

The iPhone is synced with new podcasts, photos, and bookmarks. The iPod is synced with updated playlists, a couple new TV shows, and several new albums. It’s everything but the kitchen, synced! (*groan*) You see? With bad puns like that how can I not need a vacation?

The first article after I’m back will probably be Monday, 8/6. While I’m away don’t sell your Apple stock.

2 thoughts on “Vacation!!

  1. I thought it would be useful for the three of us readers to go ahead and acknowledge that you’d be away for a short while.

  2. Have a great vacation; a safe one too.

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