Preparing a new Vista machine not quite like a Mac.

Based on past experience, I plan to take my new iMac out of the box and be happily using it in less than 15 minutes. Windows XP isn’t quite that fast, but it’s not too bad.

Looks like Vista is worse:

“After having worked with at least two dozen new PCs with Vista, as well as XP-to-Vista upgrades, here’s the routine I’ve worked out when setting up a new machine with Microsoft’s latest operating system”

This is a harmless enough article, but it’s the kind of stuff Microsoft users tend to take for granted. As if this is the kind of stuff everybody has to go through with a new PC. No.

It’s the kind of stuff I’m looking very much forward to avoiding.

Oh, and the above picture is provided to show how much better the Mac looks than the PC, too. This is even though it’s got a camera and mic the PC appears to lack. How can anyone bringing one of these into the home say that doesn’t matter?

5 thoughts on “Preparing a new Vista machine not quite like a Mac.

  1. I completely agree Tom …

    I have had to set up Vista on two Macs recently – it takes roughly 6 hours. Whereas the Mac os on ANY machine (even unsupported ones) takes less than 1 hour.

    Plus you have to have so many antivirus antio spyware anti adware programs running in the background it makes the computer even slower

  2. It was probably cheating, but the last time I upgraded my Mac I just booted from my external FireWire 800 mirror and was good to go.

  3. john e,

    Oookkaayy. So, doesn’t one also have to migrate stuff from one’s old ‘puter to the new one no matter what kind it is?

    The point of the article is that there is far less to do setting up a Mac than setting up a PC. I work at a mental health agency that is purchasing new Dells (loaded with Vista); IT is scratching Vista, and installing XP, which involves over 80(!) updates. I dare say running all possible software updates on a Mac is going to be quick in comparison, assuming decent download speeds.

    I wouldn’t wish Vista nor any other flavor Windows on my worst enemy.

  4. Mike,

    Thanks for the list!

    When I switched from one PC to another the last two times I’ve used Detto’s Intellimover. It isn’t free but it saves a lot of time.

    This time, since I’m swapping platforms, I’m only transferring data, and will just copy it from an external USB drive (or I hope to, anyway).

  5. well, you have a good point, but it is a little overstated. to get a new mac going there is a series of necessary/prudent steps too:

    – first, do Mac software update. there are usually several important updates to add (have a beer while it hums away).

    – then migrate all your stuff from your old computer. this saves tons of hassel with all the settings compared to starting from scratch, but it takes quite some time if you are transferring everything (take a nap or walk the dog while waiting). doesn’t Vista have the same transfer utility too?

    – set up your user accounts. create a new adminstator account with a really good password, and then turn the computer’s initial account (with all the newly migrated user accounts/settings from your old computer) into a standard account with no admin priviliges for everyday use. add more standard accounts for other household members.

    – be sure all the network settings, wifi, sharing, .Mac, etc. are working ok, the way you want, and authorize the new computer for your iTunes account.

    – fiddle with the little details you care about, like what icons are in the dock, a new desktop picture, and other tweaks to System Preferences.

    then you are ready to rock!

    this is still simpler than that list of Vista start up tasks, especially dealing with crapware – but it ain’t nothin. takes at least a half hour (if no glitches), plus the file transfer time.

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