My first post from the new iMac.

To be honest, I’ve been so busy with the new iMac (it arrived a day early) that I have nothing to post.

I’m primarily posting to ensure I will have no problems using Firefox Mac with Blogger (Safari doesn’t work with Blogger at all, on the Mac or PC).

I’ll post details on the machine in the coming days. From the box to the Internet was less than 15 minutes. As of right now I’ve imported my 2,700 photos and already got them all categorized into 55 iPhone Events. I’ve imported my 7,000 songs, as well as my movies and TV shows, into iTunes. Got all my email working fine and imported my contacts from a CSV file created in Outlook. Imported my bookmarks with no issue.

Only software I’ve installed is Firefox and Graphic Converter. I used to use GC when I had a Mac before (I use PolyView on the PC) and didn’t hesitate to get it again now that I’m back in the Mac fold.

This screen is gorgeous and I love the glossy. I already knew that from one of my laptops having it. Reflection is rarely a problem and the beautiful, richer colors make it superior to the matte screens in my opinion. I also love the iMac’s keyboard. It’s quiet and has a firm touch. My old keyboard was huge, however, so I need to adjust my thumb reaching for the space key.

I need to call it a day. The best news of all is that my daughter is in her Summer dance recital this weekend (in seven dances) so I will have a boatload of photos and video to find out just how the new iPhoto and iMovie really stack up. I can already tell you I love editing in iPhoto’s full screen mode.

4 thoughts on “My first post from the new iMac.

  1. but did you know there is NEW new version (within the last two months) … have you selected a new template?

  2. If you’re asking if I’m on the “new” version of Blogger, the answer is yes. It’s the only version I’ve been on since I started blogging relatively recently.

  3. Wow! So glad you have your new iMac earlier than expected and are pleased with it! Great news on the keyboard as I have had some reservations on it.

    As for bloger not working on Safari I have had no problems with it with the exception of downloading some larger sized pics.

    Safari is great on the Mac side though, most of all it’s speed, but Camino, Shiira and Omniweb are great alternatives you may also enjoy.

    Hope you have fun with your new iMac, as I know you will. Looking forward for your updated comments regarding it. :O)

  4. Tom,

    Have you upgraded your blogger template and your google account?

    Blogger is horrible without these upgrades but 99% once you do perform the upgrades.

    This is one reason my blog has been light as of late.

    I had a HUGE template to transfer over plus I had to transfer over a lot of adsense junk … but yours shouldn’t be too bad.

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