Sad But True: The US DOJ Thinks It Did Good Against Microsoft.


See this article. According to the US Department of Justice:

“”competition and consumers have benefited from the final judgments entered because of the Department’s antitrust enforcement efforts against Microsoft.””

How clueless can these people be? Read on to see:

“The Justice Department cited several examples of middleware competitors — including Web browsers such as Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera, and Apple’s Safari; and multimedia players from Apple and Adobe — to support its assertion that the final judgment has protected competition.”

Opera? Freakin’ Opera? Yes, without the DOJ Opera (a browser of which most people have never heard) would not have its 1% of the market. Thank you, DOJ. Opera is toppling en empire!! And Safari? It hit the PC as a beta just a few months ago! But I guess we have the DOJ to thank for that, too.

Dear DOJ, Internet Explorer being neglected for years with no improvements — while simultaneously leaking malware like a sieve and happily installing any code on your system — are the only reasons it has “only” ~80% of the browser market instead of 99. Does it concern you at all that their pathetic browser still holds nearly 80% of the market? Your ruling did nothing. Your news release today is undeserved chest-thumping for a job badly done. This isn’t something to brag about. When you screw up this badly you should just STFU.

While it ultimately means nothing, it’s good to see a few states were smart enough to tell the DOJ to shove it up its a— um, I mean, to disagree with the DOJ:

“As reported by Bloomberg News, antitrust regulators from California and five other states said in a filing today that Microsoft still maintains a monopoly over personal computer operating system software and some provisions of the settlement have yielded “little, if any, tangible pro-competitive results.””

It’s truly a shame that Microsoft was caught red-handed, and who knows how many millions of taxpayer dollars were spent, and no real results were achieved. Microsoft still rules the browser market. Just ask Wal-Mart and their DRM-free music service. As for Microsoft not succeeding elsewhere, it’s because they suck at it, not because of the DOJ.

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