What Would A Windows Service Pack Be Without Paul Thurrott…


I discussed Vista’s announced first Service pack in an earlier post. Paul Thurrott has also commented on SP1 on his Internet Nexus site. In it he references his lengthy article on his SuperSite for Windows. Seems to me if a service pack requires that much explanation as to why it’s not really a big deal, it is a big deal.

So what does Paul have to say in his abbreviated comments on Internet Nexus? Let’s start out with the new party line from Redmond:

“It’s just a service pack…”

Oops. Bad start. The whole tech planet has been abuzz about Vista’s first service pack, yet until now Microsoft had done their best to all but state there wouldn’t even be one. I’ve already written about their pleading with customers not to wait for SP1. Their insistence on keeping mum about it was a disservice performed solely as an attempt to keep people from waiting for fixes that we all knew had to be coming.

“With Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), now due in the first quarter of 2008, Microsoft is de-emphasizing the role that service packs play in the ongoing updating and maintenance of its operating systems.”

It’s not due for six months so, yeah, I guess it makes sense for Redmond to “de-emphasize” it. After all, they don’t want already disappointing sales of Vista to remain, well, disappointing (though it’s likely too late for that). Paul closes with his own take on Microsoft’s pleading:

“While Microsoft’s continued requests for businesses to not wait for SP1 before deploying Windows Vista may seem self-serving, this week’s revelations about the feature set of the service pack suggest that this advice is sound.”

What a load of crap! Microsoft’s pleas didn’t “seem” self-serving, they were. Vista is an unstable mess. This week’s “revelations” didn’t bother to list the litany of instabilities that will certainly be addressed, so I guess Paul thinks there must not be any.

When will Paul ever even hint that maybe Vista is not a success? Is it really possible he doesn’t know it? Dell, HP, and other vendors have touted XP and Linux as alternatives for quite some time — and they’re selling! The stories of Vista techies going back to XP are numerous, and even those that stay with Vista are not impressed. The number of weak, or downright hostile, reviews on Vista are too numerous to count, as are the number of articles on Vista’s overall unimpressive nature. Heck, Pirillo just fired two more shots here and here.

And does anyone think the Mac’s record-breaking sales and Linux’s increased exposure are due solely to Apple’s kick-ass products and Linux being “free”? Or is it that maybe, just maybe, Microsoft shoveling a shoddy Vista on us after five years is part of the problem?

“Windows Vista SP1 looks like a solid and necessary update, but it will not dramatically impact the end user at all.”

Nonsense. It will “dramatically impact the end user” because, if Microsoft does it right (by no means a certainty), they might actually create end users out of those who cannot or will not run Vista now.

It’s bad enough to live in a cave supplied only with Microsoft propaganda. What’s worse is actually spewing it with a voice of pseudo-authority. Whatever. Beats working, I guess.

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