Fun With Shilling: Paul Thurrott Edition.


On Fridays, Paul Thurrott typically uses his Internet Nexus site to take quick shots (mostly at Apple) without actually having to write much. He does so by tossing snarky comments at headlines, apparently thinking because the word “fun” is in the headline it’s OK. Normally this is no big deal, but this week’s edition is especially egregious:

“iMac, Therefore I Am…
… a tool? An Apple toadie? Both?”

An article written by Bob LeVitus, who’s apparently an Apple tool and toadie. These accusations are no surprise coming from Paul. I’d expect nothing less from the man that debased respected tech journalists and accused them of just “furthering Apple’s brand.”

“An Artist Asks: Mac or Windows?
Because we often ask artists for buying advice.”

The artist is asking for advice, not giving it. The “giver” is BusinessWeek’s personal technology columnist. But wait, I haven’t seen Paul’s latest list of debased journalists, maybe he’s just furthering Apple’s brand, too.

“Mac OS X Leopard vs Microsoft Windows Vista
In which Chris Pirillo desperately begs for hits.”

Yes, as unpopular as Chris’ site is he really needs to beg for hits. Paul didn’t read the last item he linked to, it appears he skipped this one as well. It’s lengthy and, unlike Paul’s long articles, has substance instead of being stuffed with Microsoft’s latest talking points and/or flowery prose about the Vista experience. Paul should give it a read.

“Is the iPhone a serious device for business?
Nope. A week later, it still isn’t.”

Paul keeps saying that, but it won’t change anything. More and more solutions exist for Exchange, and Exchange itself allows this with secure IMAP. The alleged security issues are pure FUD; the device will make inroads despite people such as Paul railing against it.

“iLounge: An Open Letter to NBC re: Leaving Apple’s iTunes Store
Let me guess. He takes Apple’s side.”

Paul is accusing another writer of bias? Paul Thurrott?! Wow. Just wow. Look at his own sites listed on the screenshot from Internet Nexus above. Four of them have Windows (OK, one is “Win”) right there in the name! It’s not only clear where Paul’s bread gets buttered, but also where the dough is made and the loaves are baked. It’s time for Paul to post another entry on

“Why many Wintel support people dislike Apple
I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s a combination of the lies and the fanatics. Oh, you said support people.”

Apple has fans because they love their products. Wintel has “fans” because their professional world would crumble without it. There is a difference, and it’s not hard to see. Paul could check out a mirror for an example.

“Are service packs really passe?
No, but they could be passé.”

Hey, the Operating System could become passé, too, but it ain’t happening anytime soon. This Vista SP1 tune from Redmond Paul is singing is pretty bad. Off key, too. But I’ve already commented about that.

Maybe this will be a weekly thing with me. Nah. Most of the time Paul is harmless here. He must really have been tweaked by Apple this week, though. How is it he always believes he see the bias in others, yet never sees his own? Who’s furthering whose brand?

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