Adobe Spin Regarding The iPhone’s Lack of Flash.


Adobe had a great quarter. Good for them. Their new CS3 products were very well-received and doing well.

However, the amazing iPhone doesn’t use Flash, so is that any concern? Not if you spin like this:

“Bruce [Chizen, CEO] says the iPhone was a blessing for Adobe — a great device. The manufacturers who are looking to follow the iPhone are reading the reviews that say a deficiency of the iPhone is that it doesn’t have Flash — Chizen says that leads Adobe to believe that Flash will be on a lot of high-end handsets in the near future.”

So Flash not being on the phone that sold a million in just 74 days (despite being available in only the US, and on only one carrier), and by all accounts will smash its target for the end of next year, is a good thing? No, not just a good thing, but a blessing! Riiiiight.

Look, Adobe, you had a great quarter with lots of good news. I don’t expect you to break into tears when the iPhone is mentioned, but your marketing folks should have come up with better spin than this. It’s comical.

Reviews have claimed numerous “deficiencies” for the iPhone; most of them have proven no big deal, if not outright wrong. Flash has certainly been no different. For every iPhone user who may bemoan its absence, there are 10 who never even noticed (except for fewer annoying ads and really slow sites).

It’s Adobe’s own fault. Flash performance on the Mac is atrocious, and they don’t seem to care. Certainly, there’s been no real effort to improve it.

Heck, Apple is helping move YouTube off of Flash to be on the iPhone! That’s a pretty big site you’re losing there, Adobe. Didn’t you notice? Are you that asleep? I don’t think acting like a moron is your best approach here. The longer the iPhone proves a high-end phone doesn’t need Flash, the worse it is for you.

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