Adobe Ignores Mac: Releases Photoshop Elements 6.0 For Windows.


In a previous post about Adobe and Apple, I mentioned that for all the money Adobe makes off the Mac they spend a lot of time ignoring it. Some examples I gave were:

  • Killing Premiere on the Mac.
  • Letting Photoshop Elements fall behind the PC.
  • Flash being dog-slow.

Well, they’ve taken yet another step in that direction. I assumed the next release of Photoshop Elements would be version 5.0 on the Mac, bringing that platform to parity with a version 5.0 on the PC that’s been available for months. But a new version of PE was released today and it’s version 6.0 for the PC. Now the Mac version is two releases behind!


If this isn’t a big “screw you” from Adobe to “non-professional” photographers on the Mac than what is? Adobe says it’s 2008 for the next Mac release, but you have to wonder about that given an entire release has already been skipped…

So what’s new in 6.0? Well, it has twice the ugliness of previous versions, but that’s strictly a matter of opinion. Adobe copied the Smart Album feature from iPhoto/Aperture and pasted it into PE 6.0. And I guess they figure if you’re gonna grab the name, you may as well borrow the icon while you’re at it (Aperture on top):


Keywords still look weak compared to iPhoto’s implementation. Looks like photo-blending could be a good feature, but who knows when it’ll really get to the Mac?

According to Macworld, Adobe told them:

“…the Mac version of Photoshop Elements will be released later than the Windows version simply because they are different development schedules.”

Well, duh! What Adobe doesn’t mention is that the “different development schedules” are one of importance on the PC (to keep it fresh and competitive) and after-thought on the Mac — to the point where an entire version was skipped. (At least, I hope a version was skipped; it would be even worse if Mac users had to wait until 2008 and all they got was version 5.0.)

In my iPhoto 08 review, I felt iPhoto was better than PE for photos unless you required the image manipulation features of PE (i.e., masking, layering, etc.). I have since elaborated on iPhoto’s post-production workflow power in a two-part article starting here.

I wonder if skipping a release is Adobe’s way of saying that PE on the Mac is not only a low priority, but perhaps on its way out. That’d be a shame, but maybe they just don’t want to compete at the low-end on the Mac any more. For now, Mac PE users will just have to wait and see what Adobe is gracious enough to provide next year.

I don’t dislike Adobe, and on the PC really liked the PE and Premiere Elements combination. But it’s hard not to see them as treating the Mac like a second-class citizen.

For me, when I want to move up from iPhoto I have a clear path with Aperture (I won’t risk Lightroom in case Adobe lets it languish behind its PC counterpart). I’m glad that’s the case, Adobe’s hate affair with the Mac still seems to be ongoing.

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