Dear Woz…


You’ve had nothing to do with the success Apple enjoys today. For that matter, you practically had to be dragged kicking and screaming from Hewlett-Packard to help start Apple in the first place. You thought the IIc might be the best machine Apple ever made, and were not particularly behind the Mac.

41jym59w4nl_aa240_.jpgTwenty-odd years later, calling your book “iWoz” to cash in on a wave of Apple success you had nothing to do with was a bit over the top. You didn’t need to do that. You made your mark with Apple in the beginning and will always have that distinction; it’s pointless trying to update it. Still, that’s not what this post is about.

You are a genius in the field of computer engineering. Your Apple I and II designs were amazing. No one disputes this. As an ongoing Apple employee you continue to rake in money and I believe you deserve every cent of it. You’re also concerned with the environment and other causes, and by all accounts are a genuinely nice guy. Wonderful.

However, you have zero business sense. I firmly believe Jobs would be a millionaire if he’d never met you whereas, for all your brilliance, without Jobs you’d likely have been laid off at HP when they could no longer sell calculators at $400 a pop. Remember, they weren’t interested in your computer designs.

My point is this: Tech writers are not seeking you out to ask about Apple because they respect your business prowess. They’re doing so for a juicy quote. In short, you’re being used as headline fodder. They know it’ll be a great “story” because you don’t understand Apple’s business plans any more than most pundits do and you can’t help yourself. Personally, I think it’s embarrassing for you.

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  1. iWow…

    That seems a bit harsh in tone. I’m glad you linked to it because even though it reads harsh, it’s sorta true. But damn… as I said, he’s a nice guy and rides a segway.

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