A Quick Comparison: Early Vista And Mac OS X Leopard Looks.


InfoWorld published an article on Mac OS X Leopard, calling it “a beautiful upgrade.” What I really like about their take on Leopard is that it doesn’t just spend a few paragraphs re-hashing the “obvious” features, but rather dwells more on the overall operating system and its beauty-is-more-than-skin-deep quality:

“Leopard is beautiful, not merely in appearance but in design, all the way down to its certified Unix core… Finally, there’s a PC Unix that everyone can love.”

The article explains the significance of Apple’s approach to the OS. It’s a darn good start for what I’m sure will be a slew of Leopard reviews in the coming weeks…

Hey, didn’t Vista get a look prior to its release to the public back in January? Let’s grab one and compare it with this Leopard one. It should be an interesting exercise to review the comments their “first looks” generated and compare the two.

First, here’s Time Magazine on Vista five days before its general release:

“It’s not worth buying a new machine for Vista, and there’s no reason to switch to it if you use a Mac, but it gets the job done.”

“The fact that it took Microsoft over five years and $6 billion dollars to create Vista is — and I mean this quite seriously — an embarrassment to the good name of American innovation, but it’s perfectly fine.”

Oooh, that one must have left a mark. No sense in dwelling on this, or rubbing it in, because we all know that it was only the beginning. Unfortunately for Microsoft the general consensus of Vista reviews never really got any better.

Now, here’s more of InfoWorld on Leopard 10 days before its general release:

“Apple’s announcement of the impending delivery of OS X Leopard marks the public debut of an engineering achievement that dwarfs iPhone, iPod, Windows, and Linux.

Leopard is a genuine triumph of customer-focused engineering. It’s a pleasure and a relief to see that Apple remembers how to deliver open, affordable, standards-based products.”

Quite a difference, I’d say. Who knows what the future holds, but I like Leopard’s chances.

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