Vista Sux, or Vista Rules? You Decide.


I guess with the little BSOD joke that has some people up in arms, there are now people looking for hidden Microsoft slams throughout Leopard. This picture is now making the rounds:


This is kind of ridiculous. It’s a star field, and I can spell plenty of stuff if I want to. See the top picture I modified to proclaim “Vista Rules”.

Let’s not go too far in our attempt to find alleged “hidden messages”, people. I swear, the first person who plays the Leopard DVD backwards at slow speed is so gonna get clubbed by me…

12 thoughts on “Vista Sux, or Vista Rules? You Decide.

  1. in 4 days of vista using, i have network problems, visual c++ problems, gaming problems…
    VISTA SUCK, im going to install windows xp

  2. vista sux royally. I had XP on a 800Mhz machine with 1 giga ram, it ran mp3 fine with firefox and a couple of other proggs and the sound was fine. I’m sitting here now with a triple core 2.1 GHz processor and 4 giga ram, firefox open and playing mp3 on media player and NOTHING ELSE! And STILL the sound is hacking and stuttering everytime I open a page even if its a text only page like a wiki page with no video! Its absolutely incredible that MS cant even protect the memory and processor usage of one app from another! I’ve installed Linux and Haiku(the worlds best OS for multimedia, look it up on youtube) and I’m almost finished migrating. So long M$-suk.

  3. Vista PWNS
    I hav been using it since it came out. I’ve had it it on my computer for a year without having to “Scrub It” , never had a crash , all of my xp apps worked perfectly on it , its never slow to me , i even have it on my laptop ,and people automatically give it a bad rap because when it was launched it had a few bugs if u all remember xp had the same problem as did 98…etc all u haters try to service packs b4 u judge it… unless u obtained it illegally then buzz off!!!

  4. it for 15 yrs . blahblahblahblah, programming in vb, blahblahblahblahblah, who gives a sh@t. nothing to do w/. topic except to tell other how big of a loser you are..

    vista is a better os than xp hands down. period. multitasks better, is just as quick, you don’t wait for something to happen. since the prerelease of sp2 i have had nothing but good days with vista. not one problem. notta, ziltch, nothing…
    those who say vista sucks and all that are just to dam@ stupid to try and figure something they don’t know out.. and they have this false reality thanks to others opinions, its like if you hear about the symptoms you get them.. same thing here.

  5. I’ve been in IT for over 15 years, since win3.1 and dos days. I develope software, web sites, program in VB mostly. I like the Microsoft environment, easy to use and clean. But yes, Vista truly does suck. I hate it, it frustrates me, makes me angry to use. I do not recommend Vista to my clients, tell them to find a copy of XP or wait until the next windows version. This was a big mistake of Microsoft, they need to move on quickly and learn from the expierence. Dont change for the sake of change alone!





  7. vista is slow (and its not aero’s fault) clicking on a folder, you literally sit there and wait for something to happen, computers run at millions of instructions per sec, why does everything take so long? I tried installing a genuine version of office 2007 on my genuine version of vista and it crashes, even the message window that asked if i wanted to report it crashed, yet XP the same computer can run for months at at time without crashing

    the user interface is a mistake, if i was Bill I would fire anyone associated with that user interface, Windows classic should be standard and if people want unecessary crap running all of the place then that’s thier problem, but the classic interface was completely ignored and is plain stupid in vista, Aero looks nice for the first 5 mins then when you try and actually do some work you realise all that crap is taking up screen space, transparancy makes everything confusing and the shadows way too big and ugly

    The OS should be minimalistic as default

  8. Are you serious?!?!?!..VISTA is the worst OS ever…Most xp programs are incompatible and cause too many crashes to mention. This is the worst investment I ever made…Next to the home lobotomy kit i had to buy because of the severe headaches caused by this OS. I have been in networking and software for over 8 years….I can really see why Microsoft people are switching to Mac. Only thing Vista is good for is throwing it in the trash where it belongs.

  9. Vista Rules
    As one of the people testing Vista for deployment, I have been using Vista for well over a year now and have only had one program that had an issue which was fixed with an update to the program. Most of the issues I have seen were resolved this way and could have been prevented if third party software vendors updated (and did not bloat) their drivers and/or software. The interface if easy to use provided you haven’t been using the classic interface and most of the performance issues are due to the nice but not necessary Aero interface and Windows Search. Without those two additions performance is comparable to XP. I do wish they would have done a tabbed Windows Explorer interface instead of a hyperlinked one similar to IE7. All in all I think Window Vista is the best version of Windows since Windows 95. It’s just that people don’t like change.

  10. Vista SUX
    Your programs dont work anymore. Very hard user interface, endless options for network. You have to be a computernerd to understand.
    and it makes your computer SLOW and Microsoft keep an eye on you remotely.
    (Good marketing, some people believe Vista is an improvement for your computer)

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