Thurrott Can’t Stand That Apple Makes Great Hardware, Too.


It’s not easy being a Microsoft supporter these days, or even just a run-of-the-mill Apple basher.

For example, it’s bad enough for Paul Thurrott that the reviews on Mac OS X Leopard say it beats Vista without even breathing heavy (seems only Paul, Joe Wilcox, and a handful of others dispute this). Or that Apple’s iLife suite blows past anything Microsoft currently offers (and is capable of producing). Or that the iWork suite is such a great deal that Microsoft has been compelled to make offers (Ultimate Office to students for $69; buy Mac Office 2004 now and get 2008 for $7) that will cut into profits on one of their two cash cows.

Now, aside from denial about Apple coding rings around his meal ticket, Paul must also come to terms with Apple’s hardware being excellent. PC World proclaimed the MacBook Pro the fastest Windows Vista system. This is killing Paul. There’s no denying it, and no way to spin it bad for Apple and good for other hardware vendors, though it doesn’t stop Paul from making a few ridiculous attempts at doing so:

“of course they’re not telling the whole story: In addition to being far more expensive than the competition, the MacBook Pro also doesn’t come with Windows, which is an expensive retail purchase”

Nothing to support the “far more expensive” claim. It’s the old argument always made by Apple-bashers (some of which don’t know better, but Paul does) so he offers it without proof. Maybe he thinks PC World only compared it with cheap PC laptops? Maybe he thinks PC World only measures cheap PC laptops? Or maybe he just thinks most of his readers (after all, it’s the Windows SuperSite) will accept what he writes and nod knowingly at yet another myth. Why not just compare the MBP’s price with a PC laptop that runs Windows Vista as fast? Oh wait, there isn’t one.

At least Paul admitted Vista is “an expensive retail purchase”. I guess Leopard “ultimate” going for $109 has convinced him of the foolishness (and highway robbery) of Vista Ultimate going for $326 (both prices from

“it does come with a non-standard Apple keyboard that will prove vexing to Windows users.”

Oh please. Is Paul saying Windows users are idiots? It’s hard to read that any other way. Yes, there are some keyboard differences that may initially prove vexing (then again, they may not) but, really, you think this is going to prevent anyone from buying superior hardware? No. At least, it will not prevent anyone who’s serious about it. Especially when that hardware includes the huge advantage of running a bona-fide Unix OS, all those great Mac applications, and even X11 apps.

I guess I should be happy Paul didn’t bring up the old “no two-button mouse” thing. I’m sure it was just a slip, he’ll probably dutifully remind his readers about that myth later. No doubt they’ll be vexed.

“I suppose the “fastest” label must be accepted in isolation.”

Huh? In isolation of what? Isn’t running Windows natively the panacea in Paul’s world? Doesn’t it mean you’re among the “97%” he and other MS shills keep yapping about? Doesn’t it mean you get to run all those alleged great applications — like Rutabaga Farming & Inventory 2004 — not available on the Mac?

The MacBook Pro uses Intel, the lack of which was a big argument in the Microsoft shill handbook. The MacBook Pro runs Windows natively, the inability to do so was another big argument. It has both these things now, but according to Paul if someone uses it for that purpose they’re still in “isolation”! Why? Apparently because of Microsoft’s outrageous Vista pricing and the keyboard doesn’t have a forward-delete key. Wow. Paul’s outdone himself. In only a few sentences he’s taken shilldom to a whole new level.

I congratulated Paul once on an obvious promotion to Sr. Shill. He’s gotta be at least an honorary Über Shill by now, so I suppose I should send him a card or something…

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