Mac OS X Leopard Changing Microsoft Bloggers Into Trolls.


It’s amazing the amount of fecal matter the usual suspects are shoveling onto the Leopard FUD pile. They’re suffering from memory loss as well.

The shill squad is hoping no one remembers Vista’s public release nine months ago and the flood of horrendous reviews and negative press from publications large and small. You know, like Time magazine calling it “an embarrassment to the good name of American innovation”. Instead, they’re ignoring the positive Leopard reviews, grabbing some negative comments, and then claiming it’s the same as Vista! Since negative blogging wasn’t quite enough ammunition for the task, they visited Apple discussion boards and pulled comments from there!

The disinformation and pathetic comparisons they’ve made have, frankly, moved them out of the shill category and placed them squarely into the troll category. Their statements are exactly what you’d usually see in USENET newsgroups or comments from people who don’t use their real name making statements so far from reality they’re the reason many blogs won’t accept comments; it takes too long to filter out the crap. How sad that some of today’s MS bloggers have resorted to this.

I’m not linking to their articles, because it’s trolling plain and simple. However, the sites and authors I mention are ones you probably know; you can visit them to see for yourself.

It started when Joe Wilcox of Microsoft Watch posted “Why Leopard Isn’t Better Than Vista”, to which Paul Thurrott piled on at his Windows SuperSite. For details of their posts read my article on the subject. This is where Joe first claimed that Leopard was maybe released too early, despite all the positive reviews, and also where he claimed that Vista’s bugs were all shaken out (though he didn’t say how).

A few days later, Joe tossed that article in the microwave and re-posted it warmed over as a new article called “Did Leopard Rush to Make the Holiday Vista Missed?” It was the same stuff about it being buggy (despite still more positive reviews), and the same claim that Vista’s bad days were behind it. Since Leopard reviews are positive, Joe pulled the “bugginess” from searching through discussion boards. I posted a comment to the article, part of which I’ve reprinted here:

“You’re judging issues by discussion boards now? Then Vista loses, or did you not know the myriad discussion boards on Vista have been packed since 1/30? If random user complaints are the only bullets in your gun, you’re shooting blanks.

It’s amazing that, as more and more great Leopard reviews pour in, you and Paul Thurrott are the only ones saying it’s “early”.

Vista, even TODAY, can’t BUY positive press (except maybe from you and Paul), while Apple is getting raves even from sites like PC Magazine and C!NET, which no sane person would accuse of being Apple fans.

The overall press/reviews/consensus on Leopard is hugely positive. If you want to write it all off as if you somehow know better, be my guest. Looks like nothing more than astroturfing to me.”

Then Adrian Kingsly-Hughes at ZDNet published “Leopard And Vista – More Alike Than You Might Think”, which was pulled strait from his rectum. Like Joe, he starts with the premise that Leopard is buggy (remember, positive reviews mean nothing to these folks; they’re trolling) and claims it was rushed out the door. (As a funny aside, Thurrott called him on it, but only because while he agrees Leopard was rushed, he says Vista wasn’t! In Paul’s world the horrible Vista release was just what Microsoft wanted. Kingsley-Hughes posted a rebuttal, then Paul rebutted back! It makes a wonderful show if you feel like reading a battle of shills.)

Bottom line is Kingsley-Hughes is dead wrong in his “Leopard’s just like Vista” claim, which is what I’m calling the shills on.

Today, Joe is asking “What’s Wrong With Leopard’s Spots?”. He (again!) discusses Leopard’s alleged bugginess, and also decides to take on all those positive Leopard reviews. How? In the tried and true troll fashion, he simply wonders if they will change their minds.

Does Troll pay a lot better than Shill these days? Why is everyone so anxious to get there?

Also today, we get Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet deciding it’s “payback time” for Microsoft. The idea is that they can now make fun of Leopard because, well, of all its “bugs”. She even suggests a few slogans MS could write as ad copy for Apple.

OK, here’s the deal. I don’t care that Leopard isn’t “perfect”, because only morons thought it would be. Despite the enormous amount of FUD being spewed from the Redmond faithful, Leopard reviews are overwhelmingly positive because overall it’s a solid release. Period. That fact alone means it’s nothing like Vista. Not even close.

Scour all the message boards you want, cherry-pick all the blog posts you want (I’m guessing you won’t use this one), quote Dave Winer all you want, re-write Vista’s short (and ugly) history, and of course spread as much FUD and BS as you can, it still won’t change this:

And let me quote from a article released with tomorrow’s date as I write this:

“Everyone who’s used it agrees that Leopard, the operating system that Apple released late last month, is to its chief rival, Microsoft’s Windows Vista, roughly as Richard Wagner is to Richard Marx. This simple truth is dawning: If we forget about computer-industry network effects and monopolistic business practices, if we forget Apple’s various ancient missteps — if we’re going just by what’s better — the ages-old Mac-vs.-PC debate is over. Long over. Yell it from the rooftops: The Mac has won.”

So, you shills-come-trolls can continue to ignore all the above. In Joe’s case, go ahead and think everyone above (and others, I didn’t list them all) will change their mind. That’s fine by me.

Attempting to re-write what happened only nine months ago won’t work; Vista still suffers from many of those issues. Attempting to write off Leopard as the same as Vista won’t work; the reviews are positive and so are the majority of user experiences. Give it your best shot, but the press from non-shill sources will drown out your trolling whether you like it or not.

Oh, and better tell your bosses in Redmond that some great Leopard Server reviews are starting to roll in. You might want to bring a chair or two for Balmer as a sacrifice when you do.

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