Report: Few Businesses To Have Vista Deployed A Year From Now.


Isn’t it amazing how a Microsoft devotee on ZDNet can tout an industry report with one headline, whereas a person who doesn’t feed off the Microsoft teat can read the report’s summary and provide another, more revealing, headline?

This from Forrester Research’s report’s Executive Summary, with a translation from me that Foley didn’t bother to provide:

“Forrester expects at least one-third of enterprises to begin to deploy Windows Vista enterprisewide by mid-2008”

Vista has been in the Enterprise’s hands for one year and is still being avoided like the plague.

“as more applications will be certified,”

When enough applications and hardware actually run acceptably on the thing.

“hardware will be refreshed and ready to run Windows Vista smoothly,”

It doesn’t run on the machines you have, as any consumer could have told you.

“and price points will make compatible machines more affordable than they are today.”

You’re gonna need recent machines to make this work, so you may as well wait until today’s latest machines are more affordable tomorrow. After all, this isn’t Mac OS X Leopard that works very well on older machines.

Make no mistake, I don’t doubt the prediction. I’m just not sure what the shills are so happy about. Did they want to wait two years before maybe one-third of businesses were just in the process of rolling out? Even with its recent life extension, XP is going to die at some point, so it was only a matter of time before IT departments unable or unwilling to explore alternatives would move to Vista.