No, Apple Should Not License Mac OS X For PCs.


In a ZDNet article, David Berlind ponders whether Apple is getting dragged into licensing Mac OS X. After describing the hacking of OS X to install on various PC platforms and the popularity of it even in the face of Apple’s official position (he also includes the hacking of the iPhone), Berlind wonders:

“Back to OS X, perhaps its time for Apple to reconsider its Apple-hardware-only policy and once again look into licensing OS X. Clearly, now that the switch to the Intel platform is well behind us, and given the the success that hackers are having at “porting” the OS, there are no technical barriers.”


Sure, there are no technical barriers. But acting as if every “hacked” Mac OS X install on a PC is somehow a bona-fide revenue opportunity for Apple is like the RIAA treating every shared music file as lost sales. It’s stupid, and just plain false. The fact is these hackers will move on to something else if Mac OS X is sanctioned on PC hardware. It’s the challenge they seek in doing something that supposedly can’t be done.

Meanwhile, the “phobia” from IT departments surrounding Mac OS X will remain. Despite their occasional claims to the contrary, it has less to do with hardware and everything to do with their entire careers being tied to Windows, warts and all. They have zero desire to change course now. They didn’t get one of Microsoft’s MCE or MSCE pieces of paper to put on their resume to have someone tell them they should go and learn the Mac.

The pundits never suggested the things Apple did to be in the hugely successful position they’re in now. In fact, these same pundits pretty much mocked Apple’s every move. Usually because it wasn’t something Microsoft would do. All they could ever do was suggest (as always) doing what Microsoft does. And now, even after Apple’s huge successes, it’s still all they can suggest! And yet, out here in the real world who’s copying whose business model (hint: Zune)?

Screw that, Apple. You’ve always known better what works for your company, don’t start listening to the pundits now.

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