Spiral Frog in Death Spiral.


A couple months ago I wrote about yet another subscription model which, naturally, Universal was backing. Well, let’s see how the Spiral Frog effort is doing, shall we? Well, Read/Write web says this:

“SprialFrog, the big music industry’s experiment with free music downloads, is bleeding money and considering hiring bloggers to improve their public profile.”

Hmm, yes, good idea. Pummeling your users with ads isn’t working, so let’s get some of those Zune astroturfers to get on the Spiral Frog bandwagon.

“According to financial filings, required by the company’s investors and dug up by Joseph Weisenthal at PaidContent, the company reported a Q3 loss of $3.4 million on revenue of only $20,400, leaving only $2.3 million in the company’s bank account.”

Ouch! The sad part is that, even though this should come as a surprise to no one, still I’m sure it will. After all, even with the writing on the wall they seem to think that a few bloggers may be able to prop it up. Hey, guys, you could hire me. Oh, wait, you probably wouldn’t like what I write. Scratch that.

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