Your Apple Addiction: Scientifically Measured.


Well, it’s not really scientific, but thanks to My 2 Cents 4 the Day for pointing out a quiz that measures how addicted you are to Apple.

I scored 66%.

To be honest, I think I only scored that high because I bought my first Mac in the 80s (1989), so in the intervening years I’ve owned seven Macs — even though I had an extended absence from them for many of those years. Also, I’ve owned four iPods, but two of those were gifts.

Bottom line is while I think Apple kicks some serious ass, I don’t buy from them if they have nothing I want. I can be a little picky. Until the 24” iMac was introduced just over a year ago, they hadn’t made a desktop machine in seven years I could justify buying new. In that time I used Windows machines (first Windows 98SE, then XP Pro and Home) as my main computers instead (yes, it can be done). I still think the lack of a “prosumer” expandable Mac is a hole in Apple’s lineup.

Apple sort of tried to fill that hole once (G4 Cube), but they couldn’t really make it “affordable” and ultimately discontinued it. They never tried to fill that gap again, but the 24” iMac was a big step in that direction and got my attention. It still lacked expandability, but finally had features that helped “future-proof” it for a few years, which is what I was really after. With the latest round of updates a few months back, that was enough to push me over the edge. I’m glad to be back.

Oh, and for the fun of it I tried to envision the same quiz for Microsoft/PC. I substituted Vista for Leopard, Zune for iPhone/iPod, and PC for Mac. This obviously made for a crude test but I still scored a 44% “addiction”.