ZDNet Blogger Needs A Good Riffing.


I’ve decided that from time to time I’m giving those who’ve earned it a good riffing.There are at least two ways to earn a riffing:

  • Avoid comprehending any one of numerous articles or posts on a particular topic that would clear up a ridiculous position you’ve postulated.
  • Link to an article and then draw a conclusion that doesn’t follow from that article.

Today’s riffing goes to one Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet, who never misses a chance to take a pot shot at Steve Jobs (no, not Apple, Steve Jobs). Thursday he wrote an article about what Steve Jobs wants now. It begins simply enough:

“It seems that Steve Jobs is looking for a new way to make money from consumers…”

OK, so what is Steve proposing? Well, Adrian says it’s this:

“This time his [Jobs’] idea is that Hollywood should start selling “premium” DVDs that contain an iTunes-compatible version of the movie for an extra few bucks.”

And he links to a small NY Times bit as the foundation upon which he bases his post. Oddly, when you read the NYT blurb it says nothing of the kind. The operative line is below (the emphasis is mine; I thought perhaps a “hint” would help Adrian read it better so my point will come across):

“More interestingly perhaps, the studios are hoping to create “premium” versions of DVDs that include a copy of the movie that can easily be put on an iPod…”

In case you still don’t see it, Adrian, that would be “the studios”, not “Steve Jobs” (or even Apple). Try not to lack such comprehension next time, especially for such a small article (the NYT blurb is only four paragraphs).

There are others calling Adrian on this, but they’re giving it more weight than it deserves and even arguing with him about it. I won’t go that far; the NYT article speaks for itself and K-H simply blew it.

So, Mr. Kingsley-Hughes, I have one word for you: RIF.

At some point Adrian may defend his post by saying Jobs controls the studios. If so he’ll get another riffing because there are so many articles about the studios avoiding Jobs that the only way to miss them would be to stick your head in a Dick and Jane book. Come to think of it, if Adrian had done something similar a couple decades ago I probably wouldn’t need to be writing this now.

If you think of anyone else who needs a riffing, let me know.

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