Windows SuperSite Has Fun With Headlines. So Do I.


Paul Thurrott sometimes uses various headlines to take pot shots at Apple, so I just thought I’d chime in:

“Uncovering the missing Mac OS X applications.
Applications? All a real Mac user needs is a blog and at least one finger to write scathing remarks about Windows.”

Unlike a real Windows user like Paul, who needs three blogs (though Internet Nexus may be “closing“) and one Podcast to put forth his scathing remarks about Apple.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

“Apple vs. Linux: Which Will Win Disgruntled Windows Users?
I believe it will actually be Vista that wins them, but what the heck, let’s play Fantasy Land for a few minutes. OK, that’s enough.”

Talk about a fantasy. Mac OS X (and Linux) have already won many disgruntled users. Stories of users leaving Vista because the OS grass is greener elsewhere have been all over the place this year, and just keep coming. You have to wonder how long Paul is gonna keep his fingers in his ears crying “La la la la la, I can’t hear you!”

“Is there joy in hating Apple’s Leopard?
No, not joy. Just a sense of justice.”

Justice? What kind of warped logic must you apply to claim hating Leopard is some sort of justice? Warped thinking aside, Paul has apparently not noticed the trolling he and other MS shills have stooped to regarding Leopard has failed. No one believes it.

Leopard is still getting positive reviews (by itself, and compared with Vista), while Vista still gets howls of derision. And one doesn’t have to go back months to find bad press about Vista, the last month will do. It’s bad, and even Microsoft admits the impending first service pack won’t help with incompatibilities.

I guess this is why Paul and others had to start examining what went wrong with Vista, which I wrote about earlier. It’s funny because until a few days ago they would never have admitted anything was wrong in the first place. Since it’s clear Vista’s a dud despite their denials, I guess they figured the best tack was to start making excuses. Good luck with that.

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