I Have Moved Again!


I’ve pulled the trigger on this new WordPress site, leaving behind .Mac hosting.

WP allows for the use of a personal domain, so I’ve pointed http://www.thesmallwave.com to this site. You can get to the old site (.Mac hosted) via its address: http://web.mac.com/treestman/TSW/Home/Home.html.

The last time my site moved this all went so smoothly it was frightening; hopefully the same will occur this time around.

As for the feed, for now I’ll continue to use Feed Burner. I’ve changed it to this site, so you should not have to make any changes to it. However, I may leave FB behind at some point because I can’t use its stats in WordPress, and since WP has its own burner and stats facility I may just choose to use theirs.

2 thoughts on “I Have Moved Again!

  1. You are actually admitting an Apple product could be less than perfect? The horror!!

    The MacNut community will never forgive you for this…

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Sorry to see the new site format, because the old one looked so much better. However, I’m happy that this is working better for your workflow, and I will continue to read the site, as I rather enjoy it!

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