Apologies About The Feed.


You’ve probably seen what seems like random posts on the Feed Burner feed. It may give the impression the feed is broken, but that’s not the case. It’s just me adding older posts to the blog. You see, I was able to import my old Blogger posts into this new site. However, the more recent posts from the .Mac hosted site could not be imported. I’ve linked to that site’s archive page, but my goal is to physically move all those posts onto this site.

Problem is, that means adding them one by one. It’s slow-going and tedious, and it may take a while. Today I added maybe six. When I do so they come in as “new” posts on the feed. Since they are new to this blog, Feed Burner is correct. But when you read them you’ll see they have the same date as when originally posted way back when. I don’t know of any way to stop Feed Burner from posting these, it’s not doing anything wrong.

I have at least 60 more of these to post, and since I’m pretty busy they’ll get added whenever I have time, and it could take weeks. So if you get a few posts some days that turn out to be old, my apologies. Ultimately I think it will be worth it to have my complete body of blog posts in one place.