Screw Apple iPhone, Just Wait Until Windows Mobile 7.0!!


Microsoft must really think seven is their lucky number. After bragging about how Windows 7.0 was going to blow away Apple just a few weeks ago, now Microsoft is “leaking” about how terrific, incredible, stupendous, colossal, magnificent, and really, really good Windows Mobile 7.0 will be. This would be laughable except some people might believe it.

In her post on it, Mary Jo Foley doesn’t drool, but she doesn’t call it for what it is either: Classic, pure, Grade A Microsoft FUD. I mean, this is straight outta the FUD playbook Microsoft’s been running for twenty tears.

Meanwhile, over at TechCrunch they’re dazzled. Sure, they’re smart enough to mention the blatant copying by Microsoft, but they give this far more weight then it deserves with stuff like this:

Screen shots and specs of the next version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 7, are being leaked

You can’t be serious! Leaked? No way. “Leaked” is what happens when a company wants something kept secret but some of it slips out. What you meant to say was “planting FUD”, which is what happens when a company wants to freeze the market and spills so much alleged detail and diagrams that, to quote from “Absence Of Malice”, the last time there was a “leak” like this Noah built himself a boat.

Oh, but TechCrunch shows what hard-hitting reporting they have with parenthetical thoughts like this:

(Note that these features are from a purported internal Microsoft document from last summer and may not actually find their way into Windows Mobile 7, but we are hoping that they do).

You mean with all that detail and all those cool gee-whiz diagrams (pretty red arrows for movement, blue wavy lines to denote shaking, and even blue arrows to prove Microsoft isn’t just limited to red) there aren’t any dates? Amazing how there could be so much detail and no dates. Almost as if it was… FUD.

TechCrunch continues the hardball reporting:

Not everything in WinMo 7 is copied from the iPhone. The shaking bit is new

Um, no it’s not; see the movie here where a cheap Chinese iPhone knock-off is doing the shaking thing. This not only shows it’s not new, but that it’s pretty darn easy to do, right up Microsoft’s ally.

Finally, TechCrunch zeros in on the only possible two options from all this “leaking”:

Will history repeat itself with Microsoft running away with the prize here, or will Apple strike back by licensing its mobile operating system to other cell phone manufacturers?

Huh? How ridiculous can you get in only two paragraphs? I’m thinking some brain cells are leaking from TechCrunch. Here’s the scoop: Neither of those two will happen. The former will not happen because it’s not 1987 any more, and the latter will not happen because there is zero reason for Apple to license anything.

I think the usual Microsoft suspects will fall all over this “leak” in the next few days, but this is all the usual Microsoft tactics in action.

I said this in the article about their desktop version 7, and it applies to this mobile version as well:

I believe the days of freezing the market with a flood of Microsoft vapor about the future — and fooling the tech community completely — are over. Sure, some die-hard IT managers and old-world tech reporters will believe and print anything out of Redmond

Looks like I can add TechCrunch to the list buying anything out of Redmond. I still believe most of the market will not be fooled.

11 thoughts on “Screw Apple iPhone, Just Wait Until Windows Mobile 7.0!!

  1. Thanks, the CMD -+ did the trick. I’m not a big on my keyboard short-cuts. I should be, because Apple is obviously about the keyboard short-cuts.

  2. Lightstab,

    I wasn’t referring to you, but rather the “Microsoft lovers on forums” you mentioned. Those apologists trying to act as if MS has invented something new, and that it can now be applied to a mobile device, are ill-informed.

    Regarding getting sued, I certainly believe it’s possible to implement a touch interface — even a nice one — and avoid Apple’s patents (more than one way to skin a cat, and all that). However, I do expect Apple to be looking closely and any decent touch system and won’t hesitate to sue if there’s any doubt. After all, there’s no question that violating patents is the shortcut approach, and Microsoft is so far behind they could use every shortcut they can get.

    As for the comments, the font size is part of the style sheet, and WordPress charges $$ if you want to muck with the style sheet. I agree it’s tiny, but I just hit Cmd-+ on my browser.

  3. Tom,

    Do you think I actually believed that Microsoft got their ideas from Surface? If I made that impression, I’m sorry, but you are mistaken. I am absolutely certain that Microsoft is stealing from Apple. One of the problems with Surface is that it’s really a big ass table that uses five cameras to work. It is not scalable or else, they would have done away with the large undercarriage.

    Another thing puzzles me. When it’s so obvious that Microsoft is stealing from Apple, how do they propose to avoid being sued by Apple, which holds several patents for the iPhone? Or do they even care anymore?

    And Tom, one more thing. What’s up with the ultra SMALL text in the comments section? Can’t you do something about that. It’s hurting my eyes.

  4. Rob,

    “Doesn’t look much different than Windows Mobile 6, of which the cell phones that run it are already better than an iPhone.”

    Obviously, I disagree. But opinions do vary. 🙂


    It’s wrong to believe that the technology for the phone is coming from Surface. Wrong in the sense that those who claim it’s being put in a mobile device do not understand how Surface works.

    MS began their FUD about how Surface was going to get into Mobile devices almost immediately after the Surface demo appeared (remember that Surface is still vapor). I’ve already addressed that bit of nonsense here:

    The Microsoft Surface FUD machine ramps up quickly.

  5. LightStab: You’re absolutely right. Who would’ve thought of putting a QWERTY keyboard on-screen. Wait, no, Windows Mobile 6 even had that, they just restyled it for 7 when they realized people like keyboards that take up half the screen. I wish microsoft would revert to the mini-on-screen keybaord you use with the stylus.

  6. What’s even more funny about this announcement, uh, leak, is that there are Microsoft lovers on forums claiming that Microsoft is actually stealing their multi-touch technology from the Surface computer and not the iPhone. I mean, COME ON! Have these people seen the photoshops of the proposed keyboards for Windows Mobile 7.0? They look exactly like the keyboard in the iPhone. In fact, I think one of the artists behind these “leaks,” just cut and paste a picture of the iPhone keyboard.

  7. Doesn’t look much different than Windows Mobile 6, of which the cell phones that run it are already better than an iPhone.

  8. Windows/Microsoft anything isn’t worth a dime…

  9. Just wanted to say I am enjoying your site since discovering it a couple of weeks ago. Intelligent and to the point “anti-FUD.” Not enough members of what is loosely called “the press” nowadays do any analysis at all, let alone deconstructing the FUD.

  10. Perhaps MS ought to adopt “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as its official song.

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