It’s Keynote Eve, and This One Is Truly Special.


Tomorrow is Steve Jobs’ Keynote for Macworld ’08, and this one is going to be special for me for a reason I’ll get to in a minute.

But first, what will be offered? While there may be some very cool stuff announced (current and future), and I’m interested in it all, I’ll be especially watchful for laptop announcements. I recently wrote my views on this subject, but for this particular keynote I’m even more interested. Why? Well, for the same reason this whole keynote is special for me.

I’m buying.

That’s right. When I got my new iMac my old HP laptop was handed down. The HP has been a great machine, but it’s big, heavy, and over three years old. Its AMD processor is showing its age, and its 1.25GB of memory is the most it will accept. I received a decent year-end bonus at work, so I’m getting a new laptop.

Ordinarily I’d have just bought a MacBook (the middle model with an extra GB of memory), but with all the rumors flying it seemed prudent to wait until Macworld and see if there’s something better available. So it will be nice to watch the live blogging tomorrow knowing that if a super cool laptop is announced I can just zip over and buy it.

If no new laptop is announced, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll still get a MacBook as originally planned. You see, one way or the other I’m buying a Mac laptop tomorrow.

My preference, as I wrote about, would be a very small but full-featured notebook. A re-designed, smaller MacBook would be just fine with me. One where it isn’t necessary to keep track of an external optical drive/cable to haul around. Still, this laptop will almost always be used for home (mobility and limited space is why it won’t be another iMac), so if only the optical drive is left out I may still go for it. However, if it has limited storage (say, due to a flash-based drive), then I’m Macbook-bound.

Price is also a consideration. I’m shooting for around $1,500 not including tax and shipping. I can go higher, but I’m not approaching 2 G’s.

Anyone else planning a purchase tomorrow? It’s one thing to speculate on new products, software or services, but it’s quite another to do so knowing you’re actually in the market with your own hard-earned legal tender. It’s going to be special watching the keynote tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “It’s Keynote Eve, and This One Is Truly Special.

  1. I am in the same boat: will buy a laptop, either a new uber one or a good ole regular macbook.

  2. I personally think that tomorow all announcements would be “ready to buy”.
    Not more “6 months in advance”.
    So, prepare your credit card!

  3. It’ll be an iPhone for me, unless the next one will be out soon.

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