New iPhone Update Installed: It’s Sweet.


OK, fresh from all the keynote blog reading, I plugged in my iPhone and the 1.1.3 upgrade was available. Install went without a hitch and I’ve been playing with it a bit. Overall this is a nice upgrade, and there’s a guided tour video for it. I really like Apple’s guided tour videos and think they’re a nice touch.

To me, the most appealing thing was the customizable Home screen and it works just as advertised. I moved the iTunes WiFi Store, Clock, and Calculator to a second Home screen (don’t use them much). Then I added three web pages — Google Reader, this site, and Bejeweled (I love that game) — to the main page. These are small things, but it’s so nice to have this customization.

Next up was Google Maps. I immediately used Locate and it nailed my street. Not bad. It’s gonna take some getting used to because they moved the controls around. With the extra options, I think the button to “lift up” the page to reveal them is a rather nice design touch. I can see Apple using this approach more and more as they add new features and otherwise appear to run out of room. The Hybrid maps are a nice addition. I love Google Maps on the iPhone, and use it a lot. I think these enhancements are going to be great for me once I get used to them.

Text messaging to multiple people is also nice. I use text messaging a lot, however, I must admit I don’t text to multiple people at a time very often. Still, it’s nice to know I can do t when I need to.

I didn’t see any new preferences, but I haven’t looked that closely. I’ll play with it a bit more but I’m still amazed at how the iPhone, as great as it was, still just keeps getting better and better and I don’t have to buy anything or even leave the house! Apple’s approach here is just incredible.