More Music Nonsense.


A good article on The Lefsetz Letter about the Stones deal with EMI. One portion of the article makes it clear that Mr. Lefsetz is as fond of Universal’s Doug Morris as I am:

Doug Morris is waiting for Congress to approve blowing up traders’ computers, possibly lynching them in the town square, he thinks he can beat this thing, he believes the good old days are just around the corner.

Too true.

3 thoughts on “More Music Nonsense.

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  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the compliments re: the site.

    Agree about the rest of the article, but there have been numerous articles that cover that topic. In fact, there have been so many about how the old business model is doomed it seems the only people who don’t know it are the label execs themselves. Morris being perhaps the most egregious example.

  3. I have read your site for a few months now. I like the redesign and platform change (and the writing). Congratulations.

    I agree about the Universal Music guy, but the linked article goes way beyond that to the heart of the “problem”.

    The music business has changed and the days when a music publisher could make big money on their the Stones new recordings is over. The concert business may make money for the Stones, but their new music does not sell online in any quantity.

    Somebody needs a new business model.

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