Saving Windows XP.


There’s an InfoWorld web site all about saving Windows XP from its “fate” of being discontinued come June 30 this year — complete with a countdown clock.

Lots of other articles and links on the site; they even have a petition to sign:

Please complete this petition so we can add your name to those who want Microsoft to keep Windows XP available indefinitely, rather than force users to upgrade to Windows Vista. With your support, we can convince Microsoft to spare XP’s fate of being discontinued on June 30, 2008.

As of this writing, over 41,000 people have signed it.

I’m sure there are many who think this is a great thing for Windows XP. That it shows what a good OS it is, how much users love it, etc.

But, honestly, I can’t think of a greater statement for just what a steaming pile of fecal matter Vista must be — or at least perceived to be — than for over 40 thousand people (and counting) to desperately want to continue using a nearly seven-year-old OS.

As I wrote not long ago, it’s clear Vista is not selling worth a darn. Certainly not when viewed against the number of PCs sold last year. And now we see campaigns such as this that emphasize the point about just how unwanted Vista really is.

Forget Microsoft, who obviously didn’t see this coming, but could anyone possibly have envisioned what a total disappointment Vista would be? Wow.

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  1. BUT … OS9 was perfectly stable and perfectly useable. Mac OS X did not become viable until Panther. I wanted and LOVED OSX but under 10.1 and 10.2 it was just unusable and buggy. Apple changed a lot under the hood in the switch from 10.1 to 10.2 then DRAMATICALLY in the switch to 10.3.

    I compare Vista to the Jaguar stage of Mac OSX.

  2. I agree with Tom, there is a difference in scale when you compare Vista resistance to the folks who still wanted to use OS-9 over OS-X. In my experience, while lots of people were angry over the abandonment of the beloved MacOS interface, once they saw and used OS-X, almost all were converted.

    I am generalising of course, but once presented with the new alternative, most could see the utility in it and switched, however begrudgingly. With Vista what you have is a lot of people being introduced to it, using it, and then getting so frustrated they downgrade back to XP. While I am sure even that did happen with the Mac, I am reasonably certain it was no where near the same numbers.

  3. Rus,

    No, I think it goes deeper than that. There were outcries for Microsoft from Bob and Windows Me and, as you pointed out, outcries for Apple’s OS as well.

    However, I saw those as nothing more than a general resistance to change one can typically see (well, Bob was something altogether different).

    This Save XP site site is not a knee-jerk reaction to Vista. Vista has been out for a year. In fact, it’s this kind of thing happening so long after Vista’s release that makes it even more damning for Vista.

    As for upgrading, yes, XP users will upgrade. Heck, they’ll have to eventually, and MS will work Vista’s bugs out eventually as well. Still, this site one year after Vista’s release is amazing to me.

  4. Do you not think though this is kinda like the “outcry” about the death OS9 for the Mac?

    Once Panther came along there was absolutely no need whatsoever for OS9 any more … yet people still whined about it. I have a number buyers for my USB to Ethernet adapter that still use OS9 … even though the only good mac that still uses it better than OSX is the Twentieth Anniversary Mac.

    Vista is junk … all that I know who have upgraded have downgraded back … but that doesn’t mean that they won’t upgrade again once bugs are fixed.

  5. Hilarious. Wonder why Paul never comments on stuff like this?

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