Mr. Deity and the iPhone.

One of the video podcasts I subscribe to Mr. Deity, now in its second season. In the latest episode, Mr. Deity claims ideology is the problem with fundamentalism. When asked if ideology is bad, he replies:

It’s the worst. Are you kidding me? Look at all the great evils they’re all ideologically driven. You got the crusades, the holocaust, communism, no third-party apps on the iPhone. Never, never surrender yourself to an idea my friend, never.

So it is spoken, so shall it be done?

2 thoughts on “Mr. Deity and the iPhone.

  1. I think you misunderstood my post. I consider the show funny, that’s all. I’d never hang my hat on any of its deep thoughts. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a deep thought on it.

    I simply pointed out this one episode because it mentioned the iPhone, not because I wanted to get in a theological or philosophical debate about either fundamentalism, ideology, God, or third-party iPhone apps. Regarding the latter, my own views have been voiced a few times and would seem to be in agreement with yours:


    Besides, Steve Jobs’ piece on the SDK subject set the matter strait a while back anyway.

  2. I guess he is trying to be funny, but it’s awful lame to put the iPhone in that kind of company.

    I have no time for the “free the iPhone crowd” myself as they come off like spoiled children. Here, Mr. Deity is not only wrong on the facts (Apple never said they were against third party apps), but he shows a kind of intellectual immaturity to talk about ideology in that way. Obviously there are good ideologies and bad ones.

    On second thought, now I have looked at the web site, it looks like he is a very funny guy, but I still wouldn’t hang your hat on any of his deep thoughts.

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