Windows SuperSite is Bitter About Apple Delivering Fixes.


Paul Thurrott comments on Apple’s latest patch (10.5.2) for Leopard.

As expected from the Windows “SuperSite”, the spin is about how it’s actually a bad thing to get patches. The implication is that having to wait forever for any significant patch to, say, Vista must prove how good it is.

Paul says:

Because Apple does not allow large numbers of people actually test its products before releasing them publicly, Mac users have to wait for a major update after each OS X release before they get to something resembling final, RTM-quality code.

See the reviews, Paul. It’s well-known that Vista was a horrid release, while Leopard had nowhere near (not even a little bit close) the issues Vista had. I put Leopard on my iMac the day after it was released and love it. I do not deny there were issues (heck, Tiger was considered solid and even it still has issues), but they were nowhere near as widespread, or caused the overall grief, as Vista’s.

Sadly, TidBits jumped on the “out of beta” shtick as well (they published after Paul, so I guess they borrowed from him). Funny how some of the Mac sites that clung so tightly to Apple back when they were sucking now push back so hard when Apple is kicking ass.

Getting back to Paul:

That release shipped today as Mac OS X 10.5.2, a massive 180 MB patch to Leopard that fixes some of the stupidity Apple forced on users in Leopard.

We get it. Calling it “massive” makes it bad. Gotcha. Microsoft likes to operate in the belief that small, “stealth” patches dribbled out over time that fix very little is the best way to go. Guess what? They’re wrong.

Paul should cut the spinning and just admit it: It’s killing him that Apple delivered a quick patch (10.5.1), and now a major one, in just over three months while Vista’s SP1 is still not ready for the public and it’s been well over a year!

Meanwhile, Paul’s own installation of said SP1 looks so frightening you’d be better off buying a new PC. But installing Apple’s “massive” 10.5.2 on my iMac was a matter of using Software Updater and rebooting. It took around 10 minutes. Same thing on my MacBook. Oooooooh, massive.

Microsoft is jerking Paul’s and their customers’ chains, and he just can’t understand why Apple doesn’t do the same to its customers.

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  1. At least Dvorak admitted that he’s looking for quick 1 million hits. Thurrott always saying that he is the “conscience” of the readers. Rob Enderle is a total moron. I read his comment through other sites, and he once again proofs that being stupid sometimes pays.

    I’m not for any particular companies, but I hate the fact that some people are making their living by writing lies for the purpose of pissing people off, so they’d get page hits.

    Add Gizmodo to the list.

    I did manage to call Leo Laporte on one of his shows and called on Thurrott for being a hypocrite.

    here’s what you do, link it to the Google cache or something similar.

  2. I agree with all the other distinguished gentlemen. Mention him if you must, but stop linking Thurrott. I didn’t know half of the Apple trolls until I started reading Roughly Drafted. I still don’t care what these guys think, but I grant you, it’s funny to see how obviously wrong they are time and time again.

  3. I know this article is about the latest from Paul Thurrott, but why limit it to Paul? Why not add John Dvorak and Rob Enderle? These guys are are trifecta of rumor, innuendo and half-forgotten/half-remembered facts about Macs. I can’t imagine why any self respecting Mac user would want to read any of the drivel these three figures (and their staffs) put together. I’ve taken the pledge to totally ignore them.

  4. All I want is that everyone stop linking to anything Paul Thurrott.

    Criticize him, but don’t post any link to any of his site. Just refer it to Google search or something similar.

  5. If the SuperSite was a small blog from an unknown (like mine) then ignoring it might be best. However, the site is huge, and Thurrott is well-known and has been writing about MS for years.

    I could stop linking to it and it would make no difference to the hits it gets. As a large, well-read site I’d rather point out its problems.

  6. I can’t believe anyone reads what this moron writes. People like Paul don’t care wether it is positive or negative attention. To them it’s still attention and that’s all that matters. There is a certain % of the population that will take anything in print as the truth. They don’t take the time to question what they have read and educate themselves as to what the truth really may or may not be.

    With all his slanted trash talk on how difficult it is to install 10.5 and getting it to run properly. He only ends up accomplishing one thing with his rants. And that is making himself look like a complete idiot with an IQ surpassed by nearly every two year old on the planet.

    Brought to you by a 450 MHz G4 with transparent menu bar….

  7. Paul is a liar and an idiot. Don’t go to his site, just wait to hear word of him twisting in the wind as Apple continues taking back it’s rightful marketshare. Notice as it does that none of the security through obscurity FUD ever materializes.

  8. It doesn;t matter, what ever is reported about Apple, it’s Paul’s job is to bring out the worst in Apple and while trying to make Microsoft look good in the process.

    I don’t agree with the other commentators in here that you should just ignore Paul. No, I love when you do it. Its not only fun to see you expose this man’s silly reasoning for what it is — total crap, but it’s also very educational as well. In this world, the more educated one is educated, the better choices one can make.

    So, don’t stop commenting on Paul. Someone has to expose this man’s real motive’s. I like to take him on myself, at times, so I am thankful that you are doing it – your so much more capable than I, or for that matter, many, many others when cutting down this man to size!

    Keep it up!

  9. Paul’s a MS hore. Pay him no mind I quit giving him the benefit of hitting his website long ago. I think that is as much as what he wants. He knows Apple people read!

  10. I agree with 37prime. I’d do yourself a favour and stop reading Thurrott. By now everyone knows Thurrott’s not just someone with preferences but someone who consistently and deliberately misrepresents the tech world and often downright tells lies. And he does all this on behalf of what’s easily the most unethical and unpleasant company in the industry.

    As for Leo Laporte’s podcast — I suppose Leo knows Paul is, but it suits him to feature him, and there we are. Thurrott appeals to many Windows users because he massages their insecurities for them. Consequently, he’s bringing in listeners, and that means advertising revenue. It puts the bacon on the table for Leo.

    It only disturbs your equanimity reading Thurrott, and the shyster’s not about to change his ways on account of public criticism, so I’d avoid going there.

  11. Here’s what you should do. STOP linking anything related to Paul Thurrott. He’s contradicting himself all the time.

    By linking his site, you’re giving him traffic. Thurrott believes that his MacBook was a MacBook Core Solo. He conveniently deleted the entry off his site, but he actually says it in Leo Laporte’s Windows Weekly Podcast.

    Paul Thurrott is anti-anything-non-microsoft.

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