Horrors! Apple Wants Developers to Honor NDAs!


Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt steps outside reality once again to take a shot at Apple with a story about developer relations.

Not sure why Philip thinks this is an issue; to me it’s all very clear:

  1. “Kelly” is obviously a hack, and a “bad” hack at that.
  2. As a hack, “Kelly” clearly doesn’t give a damn about rules, propriety, and certainly anything as troublesome as an NDA.
  3. “Kelly” was a moron for publishing firmware release numbers and possession of same. I think even my 10-year old daughter would have known better.
  4. Apple had given this hack a chance, and he freakin’ blew it.
  5. Apple rightly “wrist-slapped” him, which is absolutely what they should have done.
  6. I don’t see a problem here.
  7. Finally, I don’t see how this is an example of “strained” Apple-Developer relations, unless developers feel that making them honor their NDAs is a “strain”.

8 thoughts on “Horrors! Apple Wants Developers to Honor NDAs!

  1. I don’t even know what all this means, but I love my mac. And this stuff never surprises me anymore.

  2. James,

    Well, you certainly called it. I didn’t examine the story so much as DeWitt’s take on it. If I had looked at in in some detail I may have thought like you, but there’s no way to know that now.

    Anyway, it’s my bad. I’m glad I didn’t launch into some big dissertation, but rather just made the point one should honor an NDA. A point I’ve made before.

    Now, the morons who actually DEFENDED this guy, THEY’RE the ones who should be embarrassed. Of course, in my opinion they should be embarrassed even if it wasn’t a hoax.

  3. Why in the world would anyone have believed this guy. It was obviously a hoax (to me anyway.) Apple isn’t going to be giving out SDKs to nobody little companies that break their license agreements by writing jail-broken applications.

    I’m not blaming anyone here. It just is strange to me that people are much more willing to believe something bad about Apple from a stranger rather than assume that the stranger has little to no credibility. It happens on the net/blogosphere constantly. My usual reaction is to doubt the report.

  4. It sucks being suckered, though I cared little about the episode until DeWitt turned it into an Apple bash.

    Oh well, my opinion of “Kelly” remains the same, so it’s not like I need to change my views. 🙂

  5. Yes, Tom, it has just been confirmed this was a hoax.


    And be that as it may, there is no reason why anyone had reason to believe the guy was lying. Apple has hired iPhone hackers before. They just finished hiring away some Delicious Monster people. Wil Shipley talked about it on his web site. And we all know Apple is protective of their NDAs. So, no biggie.

  6. It seems more likely that this is a hoax than a real Apple takedown. Why don’t people ever assume a hoax over Apple is teh evul!

  7. Maybe his last name should be De(nit)Witt. Phillip, give your brain a chance!.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how Apple always comes out as the bad guy in these scenarios. This guy, who hacked Apple’s software, was given a chance to go straight and to possibly earn some real money in the process and he turns around and spits in Apple’s face. Well Boo Freaking Hoo. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for this idiot.

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