Windows SuperSite Loves Vista SP1. Great, They Also Loved Vista.

Windows SuperSite’s Paul Thurrott has published an in-depth review of the not-yet-available-to-the-public SP1 for Vista.

What a shock, Paul thinks it’s the Second Coming.

It’s almost amusing to watch Paul essentially say in his conclusion that Vista sucked until now, but get SP1 because it’s oh so super good and will make Vista the great OS you always hoped it could be.

Overall, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is an excellent upgrade and an important milestone. It should erase any serious complaints about the OS and eliminate most deployment blockers.

Did anyone think Paul’s review would state anything less? Heck, the conclusion to his much earlier eight-part review of the original Vista release said that it was great:

In conclusion, Windows Vista is both evolutionary and revolutionary, and I know it’s great because every time I have to use Windows XP, I feel constrained and miss those Vista features I’m just now starting to take for granted….

Highly recommended.

Eight parts to write lovingly about this wonderful OS. Sure, he brought up some bad points but they were all fairly trivial. So much so that going back to XP felt “constrained”.

That was at the end of 2006. Unfortunately, a bad thing happened to Vista a month after that.

People started using it.

It’s funny in hindsight to see Paul’s comments about going back to XP, because that’s just what people did. Repeatedly. En masse. In droves.

Further, the reviews that came after Paul’s magnum opus must not have tested the same version of Vista he did. Rarely was a kind word said about Vista in the year following Paul’s glowing review. In fact, things kept getting worse.

Finally, even Paul had to bend to the reality of the situation, which I then wrote about. It was an outright admission of Vista’s failure, though the reasons were tied to just about everything but the obvious: That Vista isn’t very good.

So now Paul is glowing about SP1. Can anyone really believe him this time? Should anyone believe him? Consider this:

Yep, sure looks like a winner to me. Paul says so, what more do you need?

The truth is, what little evidence there is dribbling out about SP1 — Windows SuperSite notwithstanding — is that it just might be to maintenance releases what Vista was to operating systems. And it took Microsoft over a year for this! Unreal.

7 thoughts on “Windows SuperSite Loves Vista SP1. Great, They Also Loved Vista.

  1. “So now Paul is glowing about SP1. Can anyone really believe him this time? Should anyone believe him?”

    No. He’s dishonest, always has been, always will be. His income depends on his selling his integrity down the river.

    There are absolutely straight honest commentators out there in the Windows scene – Chris Pirillo springs to mind. But Chris’s income isn’t totally dependent on pulling the wool over the public’s eyes about the defects in Microsoft products. This is why when something from MS is bad Chris will say so, and why when something from one of their competitors is good he’ll say so, too.

    By contrast Thurrott’s income is so closely tied into Microsoft’s fortunes that the temptation to misrepresent both the company and its competitors is just too great for him. Heck, just for starters, does anyone seriously think he’d get such easy and privileged access to Microsoft employees – access he often used to boast about, and access that makes his columns of greater interest to readers and hence more financially valuable to him – if he told the truth about the company?

    Paul’s the Josef Goebbels of the tech world. I never read him these days. I say, Forget him. Don’t give him the clicks.

  2. Well, he gave Vista SP1 the same rating as Leopard. So I take it that that review is invalidated as well, right?

  3. Tom,
    Please tell me you are going to comment on the latest from Paul (see above from Zato). I can’t wait. Paul has officially put a huge target on his back, so to speak. We fanatics must be getting to him. Zato is right: how can anyone help him on his blog when he moderates the comments? Where are his comments on the downfall WinCE? Where are his comments in regards to the incredible market share the iPhone has garnered?

    Paul distorts the truth at every turn. Hey, Paul: Tell us who signs your paychecks. That would be a good start as to where your “loyalty” lies. You can’t be taking money under the table from MSFT and then saying you’re unbiased.

    Give him both barrels!

  4. Dear Paul Thurrott, You wrote today: “Mac fanatics aren’t everyday Mac users. They’re the minority fringe, the freaks, the people who respond violently to every article they perceive as anti-Apple or anti-Mac. They’re bad people, libelous people, and as I’ve often argued, they do more to harm the Mac then help it.”
    And this gem: “Windows fanatics are almost non-existent. This is a myth. There are far more Mac fanatic trolls online than Windows fanatic. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually even met a Windows fanatic.”

    As a Mac fanatic, Zato is pleased to read these beautiful words.
    Open up the comments on your blog -so we can talk. Unmoderated.
    Quit blaming and accusing. Whatever happens to you in this world is your own fault. You chose it.
    It’s time for Microsoft to change its evil ways.

  5. Nice post; I wrote a piece on it myself, though not as elegantly as you:

    You have a wonderful ability to put Paul and other of like mind, properly in their place.

    The funny thing is that I remember Paul bashing Apple on the recent Leopard update to 10.5.2. I remember him saying, something on the line, that Apple was basically at fault – that if Leopard was really as good as Apple said it was, then Leopard shouldn’t have needed to be updated in the first place! Well, Microsoft when it updates Vista with it’s SP1 – a year late, only to have to withdraw the beta quickly because of people having problems, such as never ending cycle of booting up and the fact that it broke some apps, particularly, security software, it seems to be just fine to Paul! Of course, any problems with OS X or Linux, well, thats another matter – its a sign that they are inferior. On Windows, such things are a sign that Windows is just so cool and is understandable, something that will only lead to an even better Windows!

    If Paul was a little blogger, like myself, one who no one reads, or one that barely has the time to write a post in 2 or 3 minutes, it wouldn’t really matter. However, since Paul has a large audience, I’m glad that your here to expose him for what he obvious is: a Microsoft shill, and one that is dedicated to advancing Microsoft’s propaganda…… propaganda that it needs to help counter the fact that it’s products are typically just so, so!

    Thanks again for your excellent posts! :O)

  6. Funny when a Mactard calls someone fanboy. Oh the irony…

  7. This was my favourite bit:

    “That’s right: It agreed to basically hide one of Vista’s most heralded features (one that was such a big deal, in fact, that it inspired competitors like Apple to add similar functionality to their own systems).”

    Fanboy much?

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