Apple Reduces the MacBook Black Tax.

step2_beautyshot_mbblk_060509.jpgUpdated MacBooks were released today, and the premium for the black model now stands at $100. The middle model upgraded with the larger 250GB hard drive is $1,399, making the cost of black an extra C note.

Before the update, the “black tax” was $125, primarily because the delta in drive size was smaller.

Meanwhile, having just bought a white MacBook (the middle model) six weeks ago — didn’t think I’d see an update so soon after Halloween’s — I can recommend it even more highly than before. I think this is one sweet machine.

With the faster Penryn processor, extra GB of RAM, and larger hard drive it will only be more so.

1 thought on “Apple Reduces the MacBook Black Tax.

  1. I agree, the newer MacBooks add value to a product that is already one of the best in it’s class! However, for me, I shall invest in a new MacBook Pro as soon as possible. I really love the multi-touch track pad and the backlight keyboard, and not to mention…. the sheer power and beauty of the beast!

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