Windows Fanatics: The Apple Store, Part II.

Looks like this guy, after publishing his account of a visit to a local Apple store, experienced some of those Windows fanatics that Paul Thurrott says don’t exist.

4 thoughts on “Windows Fanatics: The Apple Store, Part II.

  1. The Windows people have some legit gripes about Apple, but almost all of them are connected to their access to games. When I think back on my days using Windows, I remember hating Windows but loving the access I had to games, but then I got graduated from college and got a real job and had real responsibilities for the first time in my life and all that changed. So the people you hear complaining about Macs and Apple, are almost always gamers.

    Most people, usually non-gamers, don’t have feelings about Windows one way or another. They just use Windows because it’s the de facto standard. I bought my sister an iMac and later asked her what she thought of it and she told she didn’t see any difference. Of course, I know that isn’t true because every time I call her now, she’s using her iMac.

    She even admitted to me that the built in iSight camera made selling items on Ebay very easy because she now has a camera available to take pictures of the items she’s selling. She also uses her Airport connection to piggyback on a neighbor’s Wifi connection, which means her internet connection is free. She was never able to do any of this on her Windows machine, because the Malware made it unusable, but my sister doesn’t have an emotional connection to her computer because to her, it’s just a tool.

    So I guess my point is, there are PC users that also love their computers, but not because of Windows. It’s the games. And even though boot camp has made this irrelevant, you have to consider that people need to see the value in something new before they try it. So, unless they have a truly terrifying experience using Windows, they won’t consider switching. Of course, Vista is starting to push lots of people in the proper direction.

  2. We live in very strange times. Times where misery rules the world, and it seems almost offensive that some people are happy.

    I wonder if these PC addicts just plain hate seeing people who actually like their computers? Or maybe they are sufficiently anti-corporate that they cannot believe that a corporation could actually produce a great product?


  3. Tom,
    I read the first piece, and the second. How humble does someone have to be to call themselves an idiot, and the Win Zealots become so irate they forget what he called himself and have to remind him. He’s not an idiot, BTW. Just a guy who bought a Mac and wrote about his experiences, twice, at the Apple Store.

    My experiences at the Apple Store at Easton (Columbus, OH) mimics his. Lot’s of people of all ages, lots of employees helping, training and assisting customers, a general sense of “this is a cool place,” and just BUSY.

    And I just read today that Thurrott had to take a dig at the fact that the iPhone SDK is late as well as the Time Capsule. Yep. Apple is late three days. MSFT was three YEARS late with Vista, and they get a free pass. And what difference will it make? Apple, by everyone’s account, is making more money per square foot in their stores by a huge margin than anyone else. I guess that doesn’t figure into the equation. There is no logic or common sense with Paul. What about those emails about how MSFT favored Intel over their customers? How about telling us your thoughts on the recent EU fines imposed on MSFT? Not news worthy, I guess. What’s a billion dollars in fines to MSFT? It’s just money, right? They don’t have to change. They just pay the fines and continue with business as usual.

  4. Thanks for linking to this site. It was an excellent post and I only hope that Paul gets to read it. It won’t help him, but it should get his blood pressure going!

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