Windows SuperSite: Microsoft Debates, Apple Lies.

A pair of articles on the SuperSite clarify just what a Microsoft bias this site carries, as well as highlighting its love of Apple-bashing.

Microsoft Debates.

First, there’s the small matter of emails from Microsoft uncovered in the trial regarding the Vista Capable certification program. These make for fascinating (though occasionally boring) reading, and make it clear that the more technically and customer-inclined at MS felt this was likely a disaster in the making (and just flat wrong), but the powers that be went ahead anyway.

Numerous outlets have reported on this — and will continue to do so despite the SuperSite — but Paul Thurott blows it all off like it’s nothing:

No offense, guys. But “yawn.”

C’mon, Paul! That’s all you’ve got to say? Wow. I’m glad the court takes it a little more seriously than you do. Not every email is damning, of course, and there’s definitely some back and forth, but surely there’s more to it than just “debate”.

As for the emails, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but below is one of mine. When a concern was expressed that even the Intel 865 chip set would qualify as Vista Capable, and would there be any help in not allowing this to happen, this reply was received (quoted in full):

“Based on the objective criteria that exist today for capable even a piece of junk will qualify. 🙂 So based on that yes 865 will qualify.

For the sake of Vista customers, it will be a complete tragedy if we allow it. I don’t know how to help you prevent it.”

Turns out it didn’t require 865 certification after all; 915 certification was more than enough.

There are a lot of emails to go through, but it’s worth a read to see just how all the dissent from people concerned about the customer or Independent Hardware Vendors was brushed aside as they pushed through a choice anyone with a little rational thinking could see would be a mistake.

No, ultimately this was not “debate”. Had they honestly debated the issue they wouldn’t be being dragged into a class action suit now for doing something so obviously stupid and short-sighted. Perhaps it passes for “debate” at Paul’s table, but reasonable people would have to disagree.

Heck, even Joe Wilcox from Microsoft Watch is taking a proper stance on these emails, but Paul “see no evil” Thurrott spins it as simply nothing to see here, move along. Debate, indeed.

Apple Lies.

Meanwhile, the hard-hitting Apple reporting that Paul is so famous for is brought to bear. It’s been reported movies for rental (100 in HD) by the end of February that Apple promised is well short of that goal.

There are barely over 350 (91 in HD).

Had there been, say, 850 or more I might not be that critical. However, I’ll be the first to admit that 350+ is way off the mark, and likely even an indicator that something’s wrong. This is especially true since those 350 have been there for weeks. It’s almost as if they got that many up, and then stopped. Was there a tech issue? A licensing issue? One has to wonder.

Paul, of course, thinks it’s just Apple lying. After all, they had plenty to gain by offering a new feature and then falling so far short of a stated number in such a small timeframe… er, wait a minute, no they didn’t.

What had Apple to gain by “lying” about the number of movies they’d provide? If they knew they only had 350, did they believe more people would rent from that pool if they thought more were coming? Of course not. It’s not like suckering someone into recurring revenue.

Personally, I think something went wrong, and if Apple doesn’t see it getting fixed soon they had better say something. But I don’t see any reason why Apple would have lied about this at the outset. There was simply nothing to be gained by lying about this particular figure when it was so easily verified in such a short amount of time.

2 thoughts on “Windows SuperSite: Microsoft Debates, Apple Lies.

  1. Never mind the shill.

    But Microsoft is worth talking about. Microsoft is in trouble in many ways, and this aspect of their problems is quite interesting. The thread at Slashdot entitled “Dell Documents Reveal Microsoft’s Pre-launch Vista Errors” is worth reading, as is the article it points to.

    There’s been a suggestion that people were late writing drivers, because they didn’t “trust” MS. (As if anyone would trust that bunch of shysters further than one could throw them — heck, what the emails basically show is that MS did a deal with HP, then double-crossed HP and shafted them to please Intel.) That suggestion about “trust” was made in the email exchange.

    But one interesting snippet to come out of Dell was that Microsoft changed code very late and broke drivers by doing so. Sinofsky said as much.

    And note Sinofsky refers to:

    “Massive changes in the underpinnings for video and audio”

    and adds:

    “Many of the associated applets don’t run within the constraints of the security model or the new video/audio driver models.”

    Now — stap me vitals! — but “security model” and “new video/audio driver models” sound every much like euphemisms for the infamous Windows Vista Content Protection. (This is the new DRM layer, so ably dissected by Peter Guttman to such howls of anger from the ignorant and dishonest shills at ZDNet and elsewhere.)

    Some Slashdotters certainly thought this was probably what had done the damage, and led to the late changes. This brought an angry response from some Microsoft lackey who (falsely) claimed in that thread:

    “The new video and audio drivers have nothing to do with DRM.”

    … and labelled Slashdotters as “fucktards” and “shit-eaters”. (They do have such nice manners in in Redmond, don’t they?)

    A Slashdotter then pointed out that one of Microsoft’s OWN documents says this is what the drivers are about:

    “Reasons include moving as much software out of kernel mode as possible thereby minimizing bug checks (in layman’s terms “BSODs”), developing an architecture to make debugging audio problems in applications easier, and supporting a whole new generation of Digital Rights Management”

    That’s a direct quote from Microsoft’s own site. But they, and those who work to deceive and obfuscate on their behalf, are trying to hide what they’ve done from users now.

    The fact is Microsoft sacrificed its end-users experience firstly to its own ambitions for controlling media distribution and playback and secondly to its relationship with Intel. The end-user always comes last for Microsoft. Unfortunately for them, many end-users are beginning to perceive that and don’t like it.

  2. Chris Pirillo mentions that even Microsoft big wigs were refusing to update to Vista in the post listed below! Well, well, Paul… was Microsoft lying when they promised us that the “Wow Starts Now”? I mean, really.. think about it, Microsoft was telling us that it would be great that and that we should all upgrade to Vista, but, behind our backs, they were saying that it was basically crap and they had too many problems and weren’t going to upgrade all of their machines with Vista… what was that… lying? Yes, and big time!

    I just wrote: ( ) that Apple made the top of the Most Admired Companies List; where is Paul on that one? Why doesn’t he recognize Apple’s successes; why does he only point out the negatives?

    Oh, I forgot…. he’s a Microsoft shill – it’s his job!

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