Vacation! And WordPress 2.5!!


Starting tomorrow I’m off for a week of vacation.

It’s a family thing, and I’ll be doing my part to keep Walt Disney’s ghost rich (after all, the man built an empire, somebody has to feed it).

Will probably not post anything new until at least 4/13.

But wait! As I write this small post, a funny thing happens.

I’m in the middle of writing this post when, wham!, WordPress put in the new version 2.5 for my site. I was in the revised New Post page, and actually visited the new Dashboard page as well.

Initially, I was kind of bummed because I can’t spend time on this today; I’m leaving for a week and I have a ton of things to do, so I can’t play with it and write about my impressions until later.

But, like others, I was anxiously awaiting a fix in this version that would let me write posts in Safari (currently I must use Firefox), so I moved to Safari to see if I could finish the post there.

Unfortunately, I got a lot of spinning wheels trying to load the site again. Tried to go back to Firefox but saw the same thing. Numerous attempts later, I finally got back in, but everything was just as it was. The new version was gone.

So what the heck happened? Somebody pull the trigger early? Maybe they had to back it out? Beats me.

P.S. Oh brother! Now the new version is back! This time I got in with Safari and I’m editing this to see if it’ll work with that browser.

Crap! After saving the post, the editor switched to HTML mode (even though I have the Visual tab selected) and will not switch back. It’s like this in Safari and Firefox. I cannot get anything but an HTML view of this post now. Writing posts in HTML is evil. I want my Visual back, dammit!

Man, this is screwy. Between the above paragraph and this one I was locked out of my admin functions for maybe 10 minutes. Now I’m back in, but the problem with not having a Visual view remains.

Looks like there’s some bugs to be worked out; I hope WordPress gets it done before I get back from vacation. For now, I’ll just post this via crappy HTML and say “farewell” for a week.

Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh!! After doing a final save before I publish, it came back in Visual view! This has persisted through a few saves. Clearly, the dust may not settle on this for a while, and I can’t keep playing with it. I need to get on to other things for my vacation so I can pump money into the United States’ failing economy.

I’m going to try posting this from Safari, so at least I’ll know if that works. Meanwhile, for those interested I’m sure there’ll be plenty of WordPress bloggers commenting on this as it’s rolled out.

5 thoughts on “Vacation! And WordPress 2.5!!

  1. Hey, have a good time in Disneyland (or world). I took my son 2 years ago and was shocked at how money-hungry it all had become. In a week, we probably saw 3 or 4 disney characters roaming the park (with security guards). I tried to chase after one so he’d stop and interact with my son, but he quickly slipped into a secret area.

    It was still fun to be together as a family, but the Disney experience has fizzled to merely extracting money from parents.

    That said, my son did enjoy the fireworks display, which we had to view every night!

  2. Did you try clearing the cache in Safari? Mixing old & new javascript code could cause all sorts of problems.

  3. Commenting to my own post, I just want to say that Publishing this via Safari worked great. A small test, to be sure, but a positive one. If I don’t need Firefox for my blog, then Safari becomes my full-time browser.

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