Apple Store Support: My New iPhone.

A week ago Thursday — just one day before leaving for a week-long vacation — I noticed my iPhone was not connected to my WiFi network. The other iPhone in the house was on it, as was the iPod Touch, iMac, and MacBook, so I knew the network was fine.

Trying to connect to the network was flaky. It took a while for Settings to even open, and then it either wouldn’t find the network, or if it did I could “join” for a split-second before it reverted back to EDGE.

Crummy timing. Leaving town in one day and too much to do to try taking it for support. Since the EDGE network and other functions were fine, I resolved to address it after vacation.

The next day was a bit worse. I could not go to Settings — the page was blank. I’d force a shutdown (which took very long) and then when I came back up Settings might work. Once I had it back up on EDGE, I decided to leave it alone for vacation.

On the flight out I risked going into Settings to enter Airplane mode and it worked. I was also able to go back to regular mode and left it that way all week.

For my return flight I was not so lucky. I couldn’t get to Settings and had to shut the phone off. Landing at home I turned it on but it couldn’t find EDGE, and practically overheated in an attempt to do so. When I got home I plugged in and it came up fine, and Settings worked (still no WiFi though).

So I restored the device. This was my first time doing so and I took great pains to save all the Web URLs for items on my Home pages. It turns out I didn’t need to. After restoring the phone I activated it via iTunes’ backup and it put all the settings and Home page icons back. Sweet! I had to restore my data, of course, but that’s just an iTunes sync away.

Alas, the restore had no effect on the problem. WiFi was still busted (though the Settings screen never showed the same problem it had before).

Clearly, it’s time for the Apple store and some support…

Get to the Apple store and explain to the concierge the issue. She sees it just as clearly as I do, and makes me an iPod appointment which is only 25 minutes away, so I wait.

I explain the issue to my Genius. Naturally, he wants to restore it, which is fine with me. Maybe 10 minutes later, he explains that, yep, there’s an issue, so they’re getting some paperwork for me and getting me a replacement. Well, that was fast!

A few minutes later I have an iPhone which already has all my Home page icons on it. All I needed to do was go home and sync. Now all is right with the world again.

Bottom line is this was great support experience:

  • No messing around.
  • No crap about sending the phone in for repair or having 20 other people look at it.
  • Just get a replacement in my hands and Apple can deal with the phone in their own way (likely it will get repaired and be used as someone else’s replacement some day).

Support job well done, Apple!

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  1. Great to hear of the great service you got from the Apple store. Great customer support seems so rare these days that when I read of how you were treated it was nice to know. I have always had, thus far, pretty good support from Apple, so I can’t complain.

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